Guidelines for Commenting

When posting a comment on our blog, please follow these guidelines. Thank you to Tracy Watanabe for helping us to develop these!

  1. Students, parents, and teachers will identify students by their first names only. If a family member is writing a comment, please identify yourself as “_____’s mom” or “______’s dad”, instead of using your last name.
  2. Commenters may not include any identifying information, such as your last name and where you live.
  3. All comments are moderated and must be approved by Mrs. Hamman before they appear on the blog.
  4. Positive and respectful comments are allowed.
  5. Proof-read comments are allowed.
  6. Use complete sentences with appropriate grammar. “Text talk” is not appropriate for blogs.
  7. Try to write comments that continue the conversation that started with the post. Our class watched this video from Mrs. Yollis’ class to learn about how to create quality comments. Thank you , Mrs. Yollis’ class!



  1. Hi Mrs. Hamman,
    Guidelines are so important to convey our expectations. I like your personal touch added to Guideline #1.
    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  2. When is the next mystery state?

    • I think it will be next Thursday, after we are finished with testing. We will have a special guest class coming up soon!

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  5. Mrs Hamman,

    When is the next mystery state? I liked the last mystery state with Washington. We should do that with other states too.


    • Clarissa,

      We’ll have another Mystery State after we get back from break. I’m trying to set some up right now. Usually if the other teacher has a preference for how they want to do Mystery State, I just go with what they want to do. Some teachers are not able to make two calls, but some are. I agree, I like it when we have really tough clues!

      Mrs. Hamman

  6. Mrs.Hamman! Do you remember when we did Shakespeare quotes (I still remember them!)? Do you do that with your class now?
    I miss you!

    your past student,
    Gina T.

    • Hi Gina! Yes, we still do the Shakespeare quotes every year, but this year’s class didn’t all memorize all of them like your fifth grade class did! I still show videos of your class when I do the Shakespeare story. Thanks so much for your comment!
      Mrs. Hamman

  7. Dear Miss Hamman’s class you did a lot of cool projects. Do you know any more cool projects I can do for my Science Fair coming up if you do let me know.

  8. Hi Mrs. Hamman this year has been so fun I can’t believe it is ending I am so sad I will miss everyone.

  9. I love doing mystery math. I think its awesome!!!

  10. Dear Mrs.Hamman,
    You are the most coolest techer in the world. Is 100+100=200?
    Have a good rest of the teaching day.

  11. Hello,
    I’m an eighth grade student from North Kirkwood Middle School in St. Louis, MO. I actually stumbled opon this site by accident, but after seeing a picture of Rubik’s cube, I didn’t exit out. I’ve been obsessed since 4th grade and can now solve a cube in 26.1 seconds (my record). I just wanted to say that they should continue cubing! It definitely beats video games in my opinion. Thanks!

    (You can look me up on YouTube: “Thomas Reynolds”)

  12. Dear Mrs. Hamman,

    I’m an elementary school counselor in Winston-Salem, NC and I developed “Bouncy Bands” for students to have a way to release their extra energy and anxiety when they work by bouncing their feet on a band that is tied to the front two legs of their desk. Can I send you a free sample for your third graders to take turns trying it out? I would appreciate their feedback on what they like and any suggestions for improvements.


    Scott Ertl

  13. Dear Mrs.Hammann

    I want to learn more about the iditarod because it was fun.Did you know that in my ELA class that the girls won the race?The girls musher didnt go over the finish line first though.

  14. Dear Mrs.Hamman

    I like Humphrey because he is cute and he looks soft.Did you know i have a hamster named Jackson and he looks just like Humphrey?Hes cute like Humphrey, hes nice like Humphrey and other stuff like Humphrey.

    • I didn’t know you had a hamster! My daughter used to have a hamster named Oliver. He was a lot noisier and messier than Humphrey!

      • I know a vocoloid named Oliver.He has a bandag over his left eye because he has a red eye and he deosnt like to show people his left eye.Did your daughters hamster look like Humphrey?

  15. I like Humphrey because Humphrey is at the school.

  16. Dear Mrs.Hamman

    I think that Humphrey is nice and sweet.I like Humphrey because he is cute and nice.I think the world according to Humphrey is the most coolest book I have ever sall.Do you like Humphrey?


  17. Mrs. Hamman and students,

    I really enjoyed the first video of the year!!! You all look like you really enjoyed making it and all of the posters looked great!
    Keep up the good work and bright smiles!

    Adelyn’s Mom

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