Growth Mindset

What does it mean to “do your best”? In our class, we say that we don’t know what our best is yet! Every day we try to improve and become better, stronger students. On this page we’ll share the resources we’re using as we work towards our goals.

We started our year by talking about how to increase the quality of our work, and we watched this video.

Austin’s Butterfly: Building Excellence in Student Work from EL Education on Vimeo.

After we discussed it, we decided the keys to Austin’s big improvement were: (1) his classmates’ specific suggestions and (2) Austin’s willingness to listen to the suggestions and keep trying.

In our classroom we often talk about Austin’s butterfly. We know that it usually takes more than one try before we master something. Below you can see some examples of some of our work, both first drafts and second drafts. What do you think our third drafts will look like?

In writing, we are learning more about how our peers can help us with “quality boosters” (see this post from Mr. Solarz’ class to read more about quality boosters).

While we talk about increasing the quality of our work, we are trying to develop a growth mindset. Mrs. Hamman’s 2014-15 class made a video showing how the words we use can affect our mindset.

Change Your Mindset from S Hamman on Vimeo.

Are you ready for a video about another kid named Austin? We think this video is fascinating. It’s fun to watch Austin do his cup stacking, but it’s even more interesting to learn about how practice and work actually changes the brain!

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  1. I think hour of code is good for me because it helps me and that it could also get me smarter.

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