Goodbye to Fifth Grade!


It’s the last day of school for our fifth grade class! It has been an exciting, fun-filled, challenging, and awesome year! Here’s a video showing some highlights of our 150 days together.

What were some of your favorite things about fifth grade?
What makes you excited about sixth grade?


  1. Dear Mrs. Hamman

    It was very fun to be in your class this year and I wish that the kids you teach next year will like you as much as we did we hope for the best.

  2. My favorite thing was field day.

  3. The favorite thing in fifth is all the field trips we had. What I would like in sixth grade is that we get to learn new things and we get to be the oldest in the school.

  4. I loved that video it was fun to see and I hope you love your new class and if they see this tell them that I said you are the best and tell them I said hi.

  5. It’s been a good year we did lots of fun and interesting things. We also had a very nice teacher.

  6. This year was fun:) This year was one of my favorite years of Elementary school. If someone is reading this and in her class she is the best FYI. Have a nice day.:):):):):

  7. My favorite thing that we did this year was all of the fun and cool projects we have done. I am very sad that the year is coming to an end. I am excited for 6th grade because I am going to be in student council.

  8. The thing thing that makes me excited for six grade is probably science.

  9. I liked this school year. It was fun the way we learned.

  10. My favorite thing about 5th grade is doing mad science day and 6th grade will be cool because it will be fun to learn new things and doing new projects.

  11. Hi I am going to miss you because you are not going to be here next year but it is ok.

  12. I had fun this year I will miss you a lot and I will remember you forever.

  13. So sad we have to go.

  14. My sister said 6th grade is easy but the homework is hard and she said it is fun and she said they don’t get parties.

  15. What I liked was the volcano that we did that was so fun I want to do that at my house because that was awesome.

  16. The video was cool and I’m gonna miss everyone even though some of us aren’t friends we are all like brothers and sisters. And for the 6th grade, they had the same thing in 5th grade now they are all gonna be in 7th grade.

  17. Some of my favorite things in 5th grade was doing experiments like on mad science day it was fun and educational. I am looking forward to learning new things in 6th grade.

  18. My favorite memories about this year so about being a fifth grader was that My classmates and I got to go to the D.A.R.E. pool party, and I am excited for next year because I going to be a sixth grader, and I am going to be the school’s Vice President.

  19. I loved mad science day and I’m very excited for 6th grade because I want to be in accelerated math I really want to be in that class.

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