Third Quarter Learning


It’s been a couple of months since we’ve posted here, and we’ve been busy learning! We recently finished our units on colonial America and the American Revolution in social studies. In science we’ve been learning about the solar system, and in math we’ve been working on measurement and data. We’ve read lots of interesting articles and books and have been focusing on opinion writing in ELA. It’s almost time for the spring Student Blogging Challenge, and we are getting ready to post and comment weekly!

Here is a short video showing some of our projects from third quarter.

What do you want to tell the kids in the Student Blogging Challenge about our class? 


  1. Our class is really good at reading. When we get back from lunch every day we read for about 20 minutes. We also get to sit on the comfy chairs when we get TTMYS or when we read. Another thing about our class is that we are also good at math. Right now learning about data charts, the solar system, and Lewis & Clark. These are some things about our class right now.

  2. I liked learning about the American Revolution, I want to know what happened in our history and that is the perfect way how. I am also interested in the solar system also, it is very mysterious out there and just think someone about my age right now will go to Mars. In my opinion measurement and data is very important in life and you could use it in many situations. Overall this was a very fun and learning quarter and Mrs. Hamman is the best teacher in the world and she is the reason why this quarter has been so fun!

  3. We are fun we do fun projects we learn in a fun way we do a lot of stuff so we are always busy we do math we read after lunch and recess we do reading groups so you read with a group that picked the same book as you.

  4. Dear students,
    Mrs. Hamman is one of the best teachers she lets us do cool projects. We do reading groups with good books. And we do fun things with math like stand up, hand up, pair up, or we do games like battle ships for help with coordinate planes. Mrs Hamman is one of the best teachers I have had I hope we get to do more fun things for the blog.

  5. Our class is very fun.

  6. Dear Blogging Students,
    What is are Challenge is we try to do games, to keep the room clean which is the hardest for us. We also do fun things for the holidays like math stuff but still fun for like Valentines and Christmas and for Halloween we do mad science day and we do experiments all day. That is all of the challenges that I know about.


  7. Our class does lots of cool stuff and projects. I have a lot of fun in my class. But we also learn a lot and we have a nice teacher too.

  8. Dear Blogging Student

    I was not in this class the whole year. I have done a lot of cool challenges the one I want to talk about is the Mars challenge. We had to get some ingredients we had cornstarch, water, balls, pan, ruler,and a cup. What we did was we had to mix the cornstarch and water then spread it out and leave a little cornstarch on top then you grab the ruler and drop the ball from a high distance then drop it and makes a hole it the cornstarch and water and measure the hole it is so fun.

  9. We do a lot of work and important stuff that sometimes isn’t very fun but we do a lot of fun stuff to make up for it Mrs. Hamman is the best teacher I’ve ever had she finds ways to make boring things very fun like when we were doing coordinate plane she had us do battle ship with our friends.

  10. In my opinion I think that Mrs. Hamman is very nice and that we do lots of fun stuff like projects, I really really like projects.

  11. In Mrs. Hamman’s class we did fun stuff like make a solar system. Mrs. Hamman is the best.

  12. I like all the assignments that all did like the wheel that all got to do the rope that was fun with the things that we did like the party.

  13. Our class is good at math, reading and science. We get TTMYS for 30 minutes or more.

  14. I liked learning about the Lewis and Clark expedition. I liked making the craters on Mars too.

  15. I love the 3rd quarter it was fun.

  16. This is a fun school year we do alot of cool stuff we have a lot of cool stuff.

  17. We do a lot of cool stuff like experiments, reading, and TTMYS.

  18. It was fun because we stacked cookies and shot soda in the air.

  19. We are fun we do fun projects we learn in a fun way we do a lot of stuff so we are always busy. We do math we read after lunch and recess. We do a lot of work and important stuff that sometimes isn’t very fun but we do a lot of fun things.

  20. My favorite subject is science and Mrs.Hamman makes it fun.

  21. I think our class is good.

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