Mad Science Day


Mad Science Day is a tradition at our school. Every year on October 31, the fifth grade spends the whole day learning about science and doing science activities. You can see some of our past blog posts about Mad Science Day here: 2012, 2014, and 2015.

Here is a short video of some of the things we did this year. Do you have any questions about any of the things we did?

What was your favorite thing we did on Mad Science Day?

If we do another Mad Science Day, what science topics would you like to explore?


  1. My favorite thing we did on Mad science day was the Jelly Bean Challenge.
    What I suggest to do for next Mad science day is the Water pencil challenge.

  2. I would like to do dry ice bubbles.

  3. My favorite thing on mad sicence day was the slime also the with film canisters/ rockets.

  4. My favorite thing about science day was when we made the slime because it was fun to play with when we got home.

  5. if we do another mad sience we should do milk food coloring soap it is so cool we should try it

  6. On mad science day my favorite thing was when we made the slime because we got to play with it and take it home. Also because it was really cool.

  7. I like the rockets that we made and i want to lean about gravity.

  8. My favorite experiment was rockets. They were so cool and fun to do. If we had another Mad Science Day i hope we could make slime because our group failed.

  9. I whold like for us to cover dinosaurs bones.

  10. My favorite thing we did on Mad Science Day was when we made the slime.

    If we do another Mad Science Day we should make skarfs.

  11. My favorite thing in mad science day was making the slime.

  12. My favorite thing about mad science is the mentos that when’t in the soda.

  13. My favorite activity that we did on “Mad Scientist Day” was the little rockets it was so much fun.It was so fun because we used some small containers and we put Alka-Seltzer and water.

  14. My favorite thing I did in science day was that we exploded soda.

  15. My favorite activity was making slime. It was my favorite activity because I love playing with slime.

  16. My favorite part of mad science day was making slime. I would like to make more slime for an other experiment.

  17. My favorite mad science day was making slime with my friends I thought it was really fun.

  18. My favorite one is the slime because slime is AWESOME!

  19. The thing I would of liked to make would be slime.

  20. My favorite thing we did on mad science day was the elephant tooth paste because it was very fluffy.

  21. My favorite part about mad science day is the tooth past.

  22. My favorite mad science was making slime.

  23. Make another gelatin body part.

  24. I like mad science day because it is fun to do science.

  25. I remember doing this.

  26. I liked doing the Mars thing because we were seeing how high we can drop the marble.

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