The End of the School Year


This year we have shifted our focus with blogging to microblogging sites, so we haven’t written as many posts as in past years. You can check out what we’ve done on a daily basis on our Instagram and Twitter feeds. But at the end of the year, we’ve been reflecting on all we’ve learned, and the class blog is still the best place to do that.

We’ve had a great year and have had lots of fun experiences. We’ve connected with people from all over and have absorbed tons of new ideas! We are much stronger reader, writers, scientists, coders, citizens and mathematicians than we were at the beginning of the year, and we can’t wait to continue our learning in sixth grade!

As always, we take way more pictures than we could ever post! Our end of the year movie is broken into Part 1 and Part 2 below.

What are some of your favorite memories of this school year?


  1. These videos brought such joy to me. Thank you for all that you do to inspire and encourage our students. I appreciate the fact that each year you create an atmosphere that puts kids and their thinking at the center of all things.

    You truly are an amazing teacher Shauna!

  2. My favorite thing was the Dare pool party and on the way back when we were singing on the bus.

  3. One of my favorite memory’s was when we went to the A J pool and went swimming cause we got to show what we could do while swimming and show cool tricks and other fun things together.

  4. Some of my favorite memories from this school year was when we started reading buddies and walking classroom, and singing on the bus for the field trip.

  5. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    My favorite part about this school year would have to be our DARE pool party. I had such a blast. My favorite part was when we were leaving the AJ pool and we got the whole bus to sing Little Einsteins and the DARE song. This was my favorite part of the year. I truly had an amazing year. I’m going to miss you, see you around campus next year.

    Gwendalyn M.

  6. My favorite Time of this year is when we all did the Mannequin Challenge , we stayed in funny, weird positions. This is my favorite because we all got together and did our own thing. We were also one of the classes that stayed up with 2016 trends. Such as bottle flipping. I love it when we are doing our own thing yet all together.

  7. Dear, Mrs.Hammans class

    My favorite memory is when we did the mannequin challenge it was fun. We messed up a lot and Logan kept moving but it was fun. One more thing is when we did fidget spinners i wasn’t here for the first part but the rest of it was fun.

  8. My favorite parts of the school year is when we did the Oreo cookie stack. It was really fun stacking them and them falling. Another one of my favorite times was when we went to the A.J pool. It was nice to be there with our whole class. I really enjoyed doing fun things with our class!

  9. My favorite memory of the year was when the class was waiting for our turn to sing at the Christmas Ceremorny. We were having so much fun playing on the computers, talking, and doing the manikin challenge.

  10. My favorite part of the year was the winter fastival

  11. My favorite memory was the pool party.

  12. Some of my favorite 5th grade memory are is the D.A.R.E pool party and the Christmas party.

  13. Dear Students in Mrs. Hamman’s Class,

    I teach 4th and 5th grade students in a school in York, Pennsylvania. Do you know where that is? My students have never tried blogging and I was looking for some ideas to use when I found your classroom blog. I am impressed with all the exciting things I saw in the end of the year videos and that I read about in your posts. I thought to myself, “Mrs. Hamman seems like a great teacher that makes learning exciting and fun! Her students even know how to blog, Tweet, and use Instagram!” I was so impressed that I shared the wonderful things you are doing in the classroom on my blog, Tome’s Teacher Blog, I also shared that I think I could create classroom blog to work with my students. I hope you are having as much fun in 6th grade as you did in 5th grade!


    Mrs. Tome

    • Thank you for your comment, Mrs. Tome! We’re just getting our blog up and running for this school year and just published out first post of 2017. We’ll be sure to check out your blog to see what your class is doing this year!

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