Our First Month of School


We have been in school for over a month now and we wanted to share some of the things we have been doing with you. We made a Google Slides presentation with photos of our activities and collaborated to write descriptions of each picture.


  1. I love the Makerspace we go to it a lot. Anybody in the school can use the room it is just for projects we have tools there so if we need hem we have them there lots of stuff to do in there.

  2. Dear Class,
    I really like your description of the reading area and the brain mold. Your class did a very nice job. I also like the picture of the state report. The state report looked really nicely done. Good job!

    Your Classmate,

  3. Dear Class,
    When I looked at that gooey thing i’m thinking what is that thing. But when i read it I noticed that it was a jello brain. I thought that it was pretty cool and that if i could I would like to try and maybe do that at my own house and present it to my parents.

    Gracie S

  4. The maker space place were we do a lot of fun stuff examine animal bone’s and other fun stuff. Also and animal skin and some of the skins are rough and some are smooth. We felt a black bear, bob cat, and other animal’s

  5. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    Here are some facts about Vikings. Vikings were very clean people. Viking longships could carry at least 60 men. There were no toilets on longships. Eric the Red was a very violent person and was banned from Norway and Iceland.

    By:Gwendalyn M.

  6. Dear Class,
    I loved reading your first blog post! I love how involved everyone was in writing the descriptions of the different places and activities! It looks like a lot of fun! I haven’t been to the Maker Space room with my class yet, but reading your post makes me want to plan a time to go and check things out! Thanks fifth graders!
    Mrs. Trisoliere

  7. Dear Class,

    I really like the way we described the things we did as a class. I know that we all didn’t get to be seen on the blog yet, but we will have other opportunities.

    Your Classmate,
    Makena M.

  8. The maker space is where we do a lot of cool science. One of the things that we have done in the maker space is a bone examine and some of them are soft and some of them are rough.The types of animal skin we felt are Beaver skin, Black Bear, Deer, and Ring tail skin, and a lot of other animals.

  9. I liked how you showed the Maker Space so anyway. The Maker Space is a place where there are tools to use while you are there and also you can do projects with your teacher in there but it is also a place to be creative sometimes. So I hope we will get to go there again sometime soon.

  10. The makerspace is fun because you can do lots of stuff.You can make circuits and other things.

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