The Last Days of School


Our last days of school have been very eventful! Here are some pictures.

We went on a field trip to the local pool to celebrate our graduation from DARE. We swam, dove off the diving board, rode the slide, and had a great pizza lunch. It was a super fun day!

IMG_4893 IMG_4881

Over the past week we have explored a new interactive game called BreakoutEDU. To play, you are given a scenario with a complicated problem you have to solve. The problem always involves finding clues and unlocking locks, either online or with actual physical locks. There’s always a time limit, which makes solving the clues really challenging! It really tests your thinking skills, and it’s a fun way to learn to work as a team. Here’s a Flipagram of us playing.

On Monday, we had our DARE graduation. We are proud to say that everyone in our fifth grade completed the requirements to graduate from DARE! Here’s a video of us singing “The DARE Song”.

On our last day of school, we another played a game of BreakoutEDU, and exchanged compliments which we had written to our classmates. A group of students (Diana, Kyle, and Elias) organized our classroom awards. Earlier in the week they gave each class member a form to nominate each other for awards. They tabulated the votes and created a custom slide show to announce them to the class.

We had a great year this year, and now we’re ready for summer!

What are you looking forward to this summer?


  1. Looks like you guys had an amazing last few days of school! Wish I was still there.

    • I’m so glad to hear from you, James! How are you liking your new school? Let me know what you’re up to! #oncearoadrunner #alwaysaroadrunner

  2. It is wonderful to hear from you too! My new school is amazing, nice staff, great kids and very high tech. There are MacBook pros(30) and Airs(30) and Macs(60) in every pod. I live just out side Castle Rock Colorado now. Frank Town.

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