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walkingclassroomDid you know that exercise helps your brain to work better? It’s true, studies have shown that having an active lifestyle actually helps improve your brain function. Now, what if you could combine exercise and learning into one activity? Our class has been doing just that all year, with The Walking Classroom!

We were fortunate this year to receive a grant of a class set of Walking Classroom WalkKits. Each device is preloaded with over 100 podcasts, on subjects ranging from poetry to science to history. Every week we choose a pace car (a student to set the pace of our walk), and then we go outside to walk. We walk around our school field as we listen to the podcasts. At the end of the walk we discuss what we learned. Usually we listen to the same podcast twice in one week, and at the end of the week we take a test on what we’ve learned.

We have noticed that what the research says about exercise and brain power is true! It’s easy to remember what we learn while we’re walking, even a few weeks later. Last week we finished a three-week unit on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and we noticed at the end of the unit that the details that we heard in the podcast were the easiest ones to remember.

Here are some comments from students about what they like about The Walking Classroom:

I really liked listening to the poetry podcasts. It helped bring the poems to life.

My favorite podcast was the one about Jackie Robinson. It taught me some things I’d never heard before.

When the kids on the podcast talk with their teacher it’s not like a regular lesson. You don’t even realize you’re learning!

It’s a fun change to get to go outside in the middle of the day to walk. I like being able to get out of my seat to work off some energy.

We’re looking forward to learning more from the Walking Classroom in our last few weeks of school! If you want to learn more about The Walking Classroom, you can watch this “Walkumentary”.

For students:

What is the best thing about the Walking Classroom?

What podcast would you like to listen to next?


  1. This seems like a wonderful idea. Are the “Walking Classroom” audio lessons available or accessible through iPads? If so, how could I access them for my class?

    • Hi Mr. Enyart! It is a great idea! I’m not sure if all the podcasts are available to download separately, but I know there are a couple of free samples available on the website. I’d suggest that you send an email to and I’m sure they can answer the question. Thanks for your comment!

  2. The best thing about the Walking Classroom is going outside and learning in the nice weather. The next podcast that I would like to listen to next is another one about poetry.

  3. Dear Mrs. Hamman,

    I really enjoyed the walking classroom sessions and being able to be outside without losing any time for school. I think the best thing was we were able to go outside and move more and still be able to listen to poems and lessons. I think next I want to listen to another poem podcast since the other poems like “Casey At The Bat” were very fun to listen too.

    Your Student,

  4. The best thing about Walking Classroom is you get fresh air when you learn. The next podcast that I want to listen to is number 5.

  5. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    I like walking classroom because the exercise and learning things while walking then we do a test on the things that we learned.

  6. Walking Classroom is very fun. It is good to get outside to learn.

  7. My favorite thing about Walking Classroom is that we can walk outside and learn and I would like to listen to the Great Depression.

  8. I liked the walking classroom because it is fun to walk while learning.
    I don’t know what podcast to do next because I like them all.

  9. I love getting to go outside and walking and learning at the same time.

  10. The next thing I want to podcast is the Civil War Generals, part 2.

  11. The best thing about walking classroom is that I get to learn a lot.

    The next podcast I want to do is number 6.

  12. Dear Mrs. Hamman,

    The podcast I want to listen to is The Pony Express number 44.

    Your Student,

  13. The Walking Classroom is the fun to listen and we learn a lot of things at we did not know at all.

  14. I enjoyed Walking Classroom because it’s fun and cool. You also get a lot of exercise.

  15. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    I had a lot of fun with the Walking Classroom but my favorite thing about it was exercising and learning at the same time with no distractions. My favorite podcast was the “Negro Baseball League” because I learned many things about the league and the history.

  16. I really enjoyed Walking Classroom because we can get energy and is fun to listen to stories.

  17. The Walking Classroom helped me get to know Lewis and Clark.

  18. I like walking classroom a lot.

  19. Mrs.Hamman the Walking Classroom is fun and can teach you a lot of things when you walk instaed of siting

  20. Dear Mrs. Hamman’s Class,

    We have been curious about what you are doing out there! Thank you for the informative blog post. We think it sounds like a fun way to learn, and wish we had a set of those walkits! It is also great because you can exercise while learning. What is your favorite thing you have learned this year?

    Your neighbors,

    Mrs. Moore’s Class

    • Hi Mrs. Moore’s class! We’d be happy let you use some walkkits if you’d like to try them! You’d just need some earbuds or headphones. We love them! Most of us like the history podcasts the best. Thanks for your comment!

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