Global Cardboard Challenge 2015


Our class has participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge, sponsored by the Imagination Foundation, every year since 2012. You can read about our first challenge here.

This year, our challenge was even more exciting than usual. This year we were chosen by the Imagination Foundation as one of their Imagination Chapters (see this link for more information about the Imagination Chapters program). This means that our creative activities will get to extend throughout the school year!

We received some gifts from gracious donors as part of our membership in the Imagination Chapters program. First, we received cardboard construction toolkits from Makedo, which enabled us to put our cardboard creations together in creative ways, without just relying on tape. These tools will also really come in handy when we create geodesic structures later in the year! We also received five Ozobots. Ozobots are tiny robots which can be programmed to move in different ways. We’ve had a great time exploring the Ozobots to see how they worked; some have even gone home with our classmates for weekend visits! We’ll be demonstrating them for some other classes during Hour of Code week.

Here is a video showing some of the creations we made during our two-day Global Cardboard Challenge this year. Thank you to Mrs. Moore’s class and Ms. Myers’s class for joining us!

What else could we make with the Makedo construction kit?

What else could we do with the Ozobots?


  1. Dear Mrs. Hamman

    I really like working with the ozobots they were interesting.

  2. Dear. Mrs Hamman
    I like how you let us play on the web site of code studio to work silent and learn telling
    the person what to do and where to go and I hope you put a another post next time?

  3. i like doing global cardboard challenge it is fun i hope we do another one again

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