Welcome to a Brand New School Year!


Our first day of school is coming up in just a few days, and I am so excited to meet my new students!

Here are a few pictures I took of things in our classroom. Based on these pictures, what do you think our class will be learning about this year?






  1. I love the playaways! We have those at the AJ library! Looks like a “super” year is in store.

  2. I really enjoy following your blog. You have great ideas to share. We do many of the same global projects. We should connect sometime. You can visit my blog at mrsvazquezsclass.edublogs.org. Can you tell me more about “The Walking Classroom?” Again, thanks for sharing your great ideas!

    Mrs. Vazquez

  3. You’re class is probably learning about the Declaration of Independence. They also may be learning about the U.S, math, and reading.

  4. Hi Mrs.Hamman,
    My name is Brisa,and I really love your blog.How do you get so many visitors?
    I like your superhero theam,thats really “super”.I’m in Ms.Myers class.Do you know Ezme,she is my sister.Ezme tells me all about you and says your super awsome and realy kind.I hope you have a great,awsome, super,fun year with your new class!


  5. You have a nice class room. What school are you from.

  6. I like you guys and your blogs and the blog is good the blog is the best I have reading and thank you guys for doing with you guys do

  7. I think we are learning plot this week and about the wild

  8. I think your class is going to read a lot.I can not wait to go to your classroom!

  9. I like how you put all of kids from old class and how you made it about the things that they have done and all of the events and the kids that all is’not about just you.

  10. I like your class. I like when we do reading with you. It’s so fun!

  11. I cant wait to go to my class because i will have the best teacher in the 5th grade.

  12. I can’t not wait to do the walking in classroom

  13. I think there going to learn about reading and states .I liked the blog good job .

  14. I am happy that the school year is starting because I missed school and I missed my friends . I have one question it is how many things did you take a picture of ?

  15. It was a good video and it was also good to watch and I think you should make a new video.

  16. Dear Mrs.Hamman
    I like the blog because I can learn Math and Reading ,science.

  17. Dear Mrs-Hamman This year is good because people get to see there friends and make new friends my i think that you are a great fifth grade teacher

  18. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    This school year I think we will learn about the U.S., such as the history and the states. I think we will learn of many different things not just the U.S., I think we will do the walking class room and learn of the elements of a story. I think this will be a great and fun filled year! Is there any special projects we will be doing this year?

    Your Student,

  19. it was a good video and you are the best class.The class is the best.

  20. Are you going to put more information on the blog.

  21. To Mrs.Hamman

    I think this is an awsome class. This class will be learning about the 50 states. This class is an ELA class.


  22. I think were going to being learning about reading

  23. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    I think you will be learning about science and vocabulary and math it seems fun I really love summer and how was your summer mine was awesome and I love school and I love reading and writing.

    from your student,

  24. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    All those dots are people from other states and countries on the earth viewing the blog.Do we get new viewers everyday?Also did we get more since i was in third grade?

  25. You have a good blog and you have pictures on the blog. I’m going on the blog every single day in 5th grade.

  26. I think we will be learning about Social Studies and reading.

  27. We are going to learn reading about the U.S.A and the time line of a book.Going to learn new things that we don’t even know yet.Like differnt kinds of fiction and nonfiction to and walking class room to.

  28. I like you class it,s so fun.I like it when we do writing.

  29. I think that we are going to do a lot of reading and writing. I love learning and reading so this is going to be my class.

  30. Dear Mrs Hamman ,

    Something that i’m happy about is that we stay till 4:30 so we will have more hours to learn . And why do we have only four days a week ? Why do we stay till 4:30 any ways ?

  31. Dear.Mrs. Hamman

    I think that they will be learning about history and reading and spelling and a lot more.I think that they will be on Skype this year.It looks like they are also going to be learning about the united states of america.

  32. I love being in Mrs. Hammens 5th grade afternoon class. In her class I get a good reading experience. Social studies also is very fun and interesting too. Im glad to be in this class.

  33. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    I think our class will be learning about Reading and a little about history .In the pictures it shows a paper that looks very old from an old time.It also shows some book shelves and The Walking Classroom.

    Your student,

  34. Dear Mrs. Hamman I am happy about being in your class.I want ask you do you always do reading?.And I like your class.

  35. Dear Mrs.Hamman

    I think that we are going to be learning about reading! And about all the States. And i think we are going to be learning about history. its going to be really fun!

  36. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    Wow You have a lot to learn I think your goona learn
    reading,vocabalory word,map skills. What is a walking classroom?


  37. Dear Mrs.Hamman

    I like the new stuff you got for your 5th grade class.
    How is every one doing there.

    • Hi Aiden! Everything is great here. How is your school year going?

      We’re about to write a new post, so I hope you keep following us! Thanks so much for your comment.

  38. Wow! What an amazing blog! I thought all of the pictures were very cool, especially the one with the artwork.

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    I like your blog because it’s a normal blog unlike our come and see our blog at Bloggin frogs.com

  40. I really enjoyed looking at the setup of your classroom.

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