The End of Another Great Year!


Believe it or not, tomorrow is our last day of fifth grade! We’ve had a great year and learned a ton of new things. Our blog is a record of a lot of the things we’ve done in class, but we don’t blog about everything. Here’s a slideshow showing some of the things we haven’t talked about on the blog this year.

Fifth Grade 2014-15 from S Hamman on Vimeo.

Yesterday we were asked to choose one word to describe our fifth grade year. The most popular word was: awesome! Here’s a Tagxedo showing all the words we chose.


The end of the school year is a good time to reflect on the goals we set for ourselves throughout the year. We’ve been doing that in our morning meetings and in our end of the year Memory Book. Take a look at our Classroom Vision video from the beginning of the year. How well do you think we met our goals as a class?


  1. I think I achieved my goal this year by doing things that put me out of my comfort zone and I did things I wouldn’t do.

  2. I think we all achieved our goal by doing all of the work we did and also that we achieved our goal by not giving up and we all collaborated and we all got our work done by helping each other.

  3. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    I think that we met our goals really well this year. Everyone tried their best. How well do you think we met our goals?


  4. Dear Mrs. Hamman
    I think we did good as a class to meat our goals. People are wondering what was the goal anyways, I say that it was to get along to be respectful and do the best we could on our work. My opinion is that we all tried so hard. I am not only proud of myself but I am proud of my teacher and my class.

  5. Dear Mrs. Hamman,

    Since I wasn’t there I decided to answer the question with Zac’s. Yes, we have learned something new everyday. We have learned not to do something and how to do something. I learned about decimals. To me that was easy but to a lot of other people it was super hard. We have learned about other people and their personality. What do you think Mrs. Hamman? Did we learn something valuable and everyday, or not?

  6. I think I/We accomplished the goals that we made as a class. Like one of our goals were to work together and that’s what we did we accomplished it by on almost every assignment we did with our partners.

  7. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    We met our goals because we all learned from our mistake, and achieved our goal. We all choose kind and we all learned how to use the chromebooks. Do you think we achieved our goals?

  8. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    I think we met all of our goals because people choose kind some people didn’t. I like in the beginning of the year when we made the origami cranes. I really like the cranes they were cool. We learned from experts on the computers because we got really good at typing and fast at typing.

  9. Dear Mrs. Hamman,

    Yes I think I have met my goal a lot because you do learn things everyday just like the principal says. I have learned all kinds of objectives like dividing fraction or multiplying big numbers or adding decimals. What was your goal and did you achieve it Mrs.Hamman?


  10. Dear Mrs. Hamman

    I think the way we met our goal is by asking questions.Because we have always asked questions and we have learned from asking questions.How do think we met are goal Mrs. Hamman?


  11. I think you made your goals by actually doing it and by focusing on the goals and other things to make your goal.

  12. Dear Mrs.Hamman,
    I was in that video and my sign said we will collaborate. If feel that everyone achieved that goal. What do you thin that the class has achieved?

  13. Dear mrs.hamman

    We met it well. We all did the right thing this year. How well did we meet our goal?


  14. Dear Mrs. Hamman, I like how we made our classroom vision and how we made our problems, and how we made the tagxedo with all the words.

  15. Dear Mrs.Hamman,
    I think we did live up to most of our goals this year. I’m going to really miss you over the summer. Do you think we met our goals? We had some ups and downs, but we most of the time we did the right thing at the right moment. I think that we met our goal of “We will be leaders”, pretty well because when we had the little kids come to our class for the “One book one school” project to see which “beaks” worked for each landscape, when they came, we helped them really well. We helped them even if they were yelling and screaming.
    Your writer,

  16. Thank you for your help in everything that you let me do.

  17. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    I think we met many of our goals. This year we met almost all the goals. The class this year was outstanding. This class would never would have been better without you. Which goals did you make come true this year?


  18. Dear Mrs.Hamman

    I think we met most of our goals and yet some of us didn’t even have one. I think a majority of us made our goals and I think you did too now that the year is over! Thanks for hanging in there. What are you doing this summer? Have a great one.

  19. Dear Mrs. hamman,

    I think we met our goals pretty good. I loved the slide shows they are awesome. You do really good with technology. You are the best teacher. Do you do this every year?

    Your student,

  20. We accomplished the we will use technology goal. We did this by getting on tech almost every day.

  21. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    I think we did meet are goals the reason i say that is because when we did those papers we did complete them we did it until we accomplished it .That is why i think we did meet are goals .

  22. Dear Mrs. Hamman,

    I think at that period of time the students were reaching there goal because in every
    picture I saw every one working hard I know because I saw every one smiling and
    kids writing reading and other educational things.

    Your student, Andrea

  23. Dear Mrs. Hamman
    I had A Lot of fun this year. I’m so sad it is the end of the year. Time went by so fast. I think that all of us did meet our goals. What are you going to do over the summer? I hope you have a great summer.

  24. Dear Mrs. Hamman
    We came up with a lot of goals and some of us accomplished them and some didn’t. We completed most of the goals like communicating, being kind, and creating but some goals we didn’t accomplish. I think we did good with the goals that we accomplished. What was your goal and how did you accomplish yours?

  25. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    We achieved our classroom goals by doing all of the cool stuff our class does.
    We achieved our we will create goal by doing all those engineering projects.
    We achieved our goal of learning something new everyday by, well, by learning new things.

  26. Dear Mrs.Hamman,
    How is your summer going? Mine is great! You should check out my blog. I added a new post.


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