Picture It 2015

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Picture It

Our bulletin board for Picture It 2015

Picture It is another great collaborative project from Projects By Jen. With this project, we are matched with 23 other classes to create a work of art. This year the theme was “Quilts”.

We looked at pictures of quilts online and noticed the detail and symmetry in the patterns. You must need to be a good mathematician to be a quilter!

We noticed that some quilt blocks had a circular design. This led to our exploring mandalas. A mandala is a symmetrical, circular design with geometric shapes. These designs are meaningful in many cultures and religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and some Native American tribes. We watched this video of Tibetan monks creating a mandala out of sand. Watch it to the end to see what happens to it!

For our quilt block for Picture It, we decided to create our own mandala artwork. Some of us colored designs we found online, while others used stencils to create our own geometric designs. Here are some of the blocks we made to send to other classes.



The image at the top of this post shows the artwork we’ve received from other classes so far. It’s been interesting to see their pictures and read the information they sent with them! We are going to use the information from other classes to answer these math questions. You’ll see the answers in the comments!

Our class is the largest of the classes in our group (so far). What is the range of class sizes?

What is the mean of the class sizes?

Total all the boys and all the girls in all the classes from California. What is the ratio of boys to girls?

What is the ratio of boys to girls in our class?

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  1. Hi Mrs. Hamman’s Class,
    I think it is really cool that you did a project with mandalas! My school did some things with mandalas to and it was really fun!

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