Mad Science Day


Mad Science Day is a day when we spend all day doing science projects. It started a few years ago as a way of celebrating Halloween, but now we like to have multiple Mad Science Days every year. We love getting the chance to really explore science in a hands-on way.

We had our most recent Mad Science Day last Friday. Since we’ve been learning about physical science this quarter, all of our activities centered on the things we study in fifth grade physical science. Together with our friends in Mr. Maijala’s class, we learned about the properties of matter—by making food! We also showed the difference between chemical and physical changes in matter. Then we learned about motion and forces by making and testing balloon rockets and marshmallow catapults!

We realized that we never posted about our earlier Mad Science Day this year, which focused more on life science and the scientific process. Our video shows pictures from both science days.

Mad Science Day from S Hamman on Vimeo.

Next quarter we’ll be studying earth and space science.

What do you think we should do for our next Mad Science Day?


  1. Mad science day was a fun day and my favorite part was when we made the marshmellow catapolts. What was your favorite part of mad science day?

  2. I wish my school had a mad science day! It sounds like a lot of fun!

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  4. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    Thank you for that awesome mad science day. It was so fun. My favorite part was the marshmallow catapults. I still have mine. What was the most informational for you? Mine was that jar where the liquids stacked on each other.


  5. I think you should do a project about the solar system and how it rotates.

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