Global School Play Day


On February 4, we, along with 65,000 other students in 6 continents, participated in the First Annual Global School Play Day. This was a day to celebrate creativity and play in school. We brought in things we wanted to play with, with the only rules that (1) we couldn’t use anything electronic, and, of course, (2) whatever we brought had to be appropriate for school.

It was interesting to see what people chose to do when they weren’t told what to do! Lots of people got together and played card and board games, making up new rules as they played. Some chose to work on creative things, like drawing, making bracelets, or writing stories. Some wanted to read or work on individual projects. A few even wanted to worked on memorizing lines from Shakespeare (that’s for a project we’ll blog about later)!

We’re looking forward to seeing what other classes did on Global School Play Day! You can check out the pictures and stories from other classes by going to the website above or following the #GSPD hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

Here’s an Animoto video showing some of the things we did:

What did you do on Global School Play Day?


  1. It was fun to just play. I wish we could do it outside. I loved how we got to draw on the board. Did you have fun Mrs. Hamman?

    • I thought it was different and fun! I liked seeing what you all chose to do. I was surprised at how many people just wanted to draw, were you?

  2. I like the GSPD what I did was read almost the whole time but I got done reading my book and then I wrote on the board or I played hangman on the board or I drew pictures of people.

  3. I played a game called war.

  4. I like GSPD all the games that people brought and how it felt when there was no electronic devices. What I did was I played go-fish and the card game war and played apples to apples. What do you think we are going to have for valentines?

    • I think we’ll do a party on Valentine’s Day. Do you think it should have a theme like some of the ones we’ve done before?

  5. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    I had a lot of fun on the Global School Play Day. My favorite thing I did was play Mouse Trap with Tatum. I also liked playing that card game with you, Aiden, Andrew, and I. I had 21 cards, Aiden had, I think 16 cards, and Andrew had 20 cards. There was a lot of kids coloring on the whiteboard. What did you like about the Global School Play Day, Mrs. Hamman?


  6. Dear Mrs. Hamman
    I thought that was fun I liked playing with the cards. Did you have fun? The answer to your question is I played cards, trap the mouse and apple to apple.

  7. Dear Mrs.Hamman,
    Thank you so much for trying out GSPD! I had fun with the beading stuff I brought everybody thought it was cool. What did you do during the time except for watching and taking photos of people? I never knew how creative everybody was because I never knew that Maria could draw such amazing faces with just colored pencils! 🙂

    Your student,

  8. What I did on Global play day was so fun I played Gofish, War, and trap the monkey. Mrs.Hamman do you wish teachers had a global play day?

  9. On Global play day was a nice time spending with our friends doing activities with everyone but there was no electronics.

  10. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    I thought the Global School Play Day was fun. During that time I made a minecraft village.
    Your friend,

  11. Dear Mrs. Hamman,

    I played mostly card games like apples to apples, go fish. What did you do other than record the Global school play day?

  12. Dear Mrs.Hamman,
    I thought the G.S.P.D was an amazing day. What did you think?
    Your student,

  13. Dear Mrs. Hamman,

    Me and Joey had lots of fun building things with the pattern blocks. Will we ever do this another time?


  14. I learned that you have to play sometimes instead of sitting and doing a bunch of work you still have to learn but you also have to have fun. And I learned that when you have free time you can use that time to do your work or help the teacher with something.

  15. Dear Mrs.Hamman, what I did on Global School Play day was I played some board games and some card games.

    Did you like Global School Play Day Mrs.Hamman?

  16. Dear Mrs. Hamman

    What I think about Global school play day is that it was fun to see what experience we have while we have free time. For me I saw lots of creativity some students did some art or drew/play games on the board. One my peers Maria made a face by getting pieces of paper and one by one she made the face by parts.

  17. Mrs.Hamman,
    I was really excited about the global play day I never heard about that so I was really excited when you told us about it I really hope we can do it again.

  18. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    What I did on global play day was do my homework. I know that some kids think homework is boring but to me homework is fun. It makes me smarter I am building my education.

    Alexis: )

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