The Peace Crane Project


peace crane project

Did you know that September 21 is the United Nations International Day of Peace? This year we found a great way to learn about and celebrate the Day of Peace.

We are participating in the Peace Crane Project. Earlier this year we read the true story of Sadako, the Japanese girl who became sick after the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima in World War II (you can read the story of Sadako on traditional Japanese kamishibai cards here). We learned that the origami paper cranes she made in the hospital have come to symbolize the wish for peace in the world. Through the Peace Crane Project, kids all over the world exchange origami cranes and learn a little bit about one another. We sign a pledge to help make the world a more peaceful place.

We became partners with Lalaji Memorial Omega International School in Chennai, India. We learned to fold origami cranes by watching a video on the Peace Crane Project website, and soon we had over 50 of them made! Here is a Snapguide showing the steps we followed to fold the cranes:

Check out How to Fold an Origami Crane by Shauna Hamman on Snapguide.

Then we wrote poems and letters for our partners in India. They had asked us several questions about our school, and one of them was, “What is special about your school?” Here’s one of our responses:

We are proud of our school and our community. We are a Four Peaks family.We here at our school have a saying: ”Four Peaks pride is hard to hide.” We also have wonderful teachers that will do anything to keep us safe. We have lots of technology to help us learn. We have a giant playground to play on. We also see a lot of critters like javelinas, snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, and all kinds of interesting insects. Our school mascot is a desert animal, the roadrunner. We think our school is a very special place.


After we finished our letters, we packaged them up with our cranes and sent them off to India! We hope they have a safe trip, and can’t wait to hear back from our new friends! You can click on this link to see a map showing all the classes that are participating in the Peace Crane Project. Can you find our class flag?

Are you doing anything to celebrate the International Day of Peace?



  1. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    The Peace Crane Project was really fun. I wish we could do it again. I still don’t understand how to make them. I can’t believe we are trading a school in India. I wonder how big and how many students they have at their school?


  2. I like to try to make a paper crane they look cool and i like the ones where you can move their tale and head and it makes their wings flap up and down.

  3. It was fun that we got to make the peace crane and that we get to ship them to a school in India and I hope we get to do more projects that are fun.

  4. Wow Mrs.Hamman it is so cool. Thar’s me above scoot! I like that phisher.

    you’r student
    William G

  5. Dear Mrs.Hamman,
    Wow I had the best time making the cranes and watching people learn from their mistakes. What was your favorite part about making the origami cranes? My favorite part was that The cranes was that not a lot of people gave up they just kept trying and trying. Plus that went perfect for the posters we made!

    Your student,

  6. Hey Mrs.Hamman to you were the peace crane`s hard yes or no.

  7. Hey Mrs.Hamman was the peace crane hard to you

  8. Mrs.Hamman you take really good picturers.

  9. the peace crain project is fun

  10. Dear Mrs Hammam,
    This is such a awesome project. I like how it shows you how to make a crane. –

  11. That was a cool picketer.I’m so sad I wasn’t their.

  12. It was nice to make the peace cranes.

  13. Dear Mrs. Hamman

    I like to make the Peace Cranes they were fun because it was challenging and but I still don’t know how to make them and I was going to tell you if we could do something about that if we could do three people if they could make six crane in seven minutes does it sound cool?

  14. Thank you for showing me how to make a peace crane. I always wanted to learn how to make one because I think they are very artistic.

  15. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    The peace cranes were really fun. Are we going to do another project like this?

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