A Peek At Our Week


We’ve been so busy ever since school started! We are learning more about blogging so that we can start our own individual student blogs. We plan to have them set up in time to participate in the Student Blogging Challenge in September.

Here are pictures showing a few of the things we did last week. Students will be writing separate blog posts to explain about what we learned from each of these activities.

We had our first Mystery Skype of the year. For the fourth year in a row, our first Mystery Skype partner was Mr. Haney’s class!


In math, we worked on ordering and comparing decimals. We played Aerobic Decimals to show decimals in expanded and standard notation.


We had our weekly Poetry Open Mic, where students shared both original and published poetry. We discussed the theme of each poem we heard.


We learned about the Peace Crane Project. We read the story Sadako’s Paper Cranes and Lessons of Peace on traditional Japanese story cards called kamishibai. Then we learned about how to fold origami cranes. We will be exchanging cranes with a school in India for the 2014 International Day of Peace.


We learned about blogging and how to write thoughtful comments by doing paper blogging with our About Me pages. Soon we’ll be writing these pages online!


 What did you learn this week? 




  1. I like the peace crane one because we are doing something nice for other people in india and i think its really cool that were doing that.

  2. Dear Mrs Hamman,
    I really liked the oragami cranes.
    Over the weekend I visited a website that taught me how to make other oragami things.
    The name of this website is oragami-make.com.


  3. Hay Mrs.Hamman i loved the mystery skype I ways a speaker yay. When are we going to get the blog?your student William G. oh I almost forgot! What do you do on weekends?

  4. Hi Mrs.Hamman I loved the mystery Skype. I was one asking and answering the questions to. It was so fun i enjoyed it so much. Did you like it.

  5. I liked when we comment there all about me page.

  6. I liked that mystery skype it was alot of fun.

  7. Dear Mrs.Hamman, 09/03/14

    Mrs.hamman i like how you explained ”A peek at our week” I read it and i saw the pictures and i like every thing



  8. This week was so fun I wish it would not end for another five days.I would want to do another project this week,but next week will still come and I will still be waiting for it.

  9. I liked how we made the paper blogs because it gave us something to find out things about eachother that we didn’t know. So i think that was kind of cool and i liked because i got to learn about other people

  10. I think it was amazing that we did skyping so early in the year it was awsome hope we have more this year.

  11. I like how we made the Paper Cranes it was fun and i also liked the map protect with the 3D map and we had to look for the states and mountains and stuff.

  12. i love the pictures

  13. Dear, Mrs Hamman
    The day when we did the paper crains was very fun. What is it like teaching us all is it fun or is it hard?

  14. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    I think that week was awesome because we made cranes and I think we need to do it again as a class. I like the first day of decimals because it wasn’t to hard or to easy and I liked when we did the first day of skyping was fun to.

    Your Friend Blaiz

  15. I like your classroom blog i like it how you put the picther together it’s cool.

  16. I like how you do poem Friday and how you say your own poems. How long do you do it for?

  17. That week was really fun I wish we could start it all over again but I don’t have a time machine.

  18. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    I really enjoyed the first week of school. It was really fun. I liked when we poetry Friday.
    What was your favorite part of the first week of school?


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