Happy Summer Break!


We’re on summer break until August 5. Next year, Mrs. Hamman will be moving from third grade to fifth grade!

One of the things we study in fifth grade is the history and geography of the United States. This is a picture of one of the cities I plan to visit this summer. Do you know where it is?
Black and Yellow
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Brian Koprowski via Compfight

What are you doing over your summer break?


  1. I do Mrs.Hamman it is in L.A, CA.

    • Hi Wesley! It looks like it could be in California, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s on the other side of the country! I’ll give you a hint: most of the professional sports teams from this city have black and yellow as their colors. Do you have another guess?

      I hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

  2. Is that Chicago?

  3. Are you in Washington

  4. Mrs. Hamman is it in new York?

  5. Mrs. Hamman is it in new Jersey?

  6. My summer was great. How was your summer Mrs. Hamman.

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