Hour of Code 2013


Hour of Code 2013

Most of us use computers and handheld devices every day. Did you ever think about what makes computers work?

December 9-15 is Computer Science Education Week, and our class decided to participate in the Hour of Code Challenge. The challenge asked people all over the world to spend an hour learning about computer programming and writing code. At first we thought it would be hard to do, but we found out it was challenging, interesting and fun!

Before we started we talked a little bit about computer science and decided what we wanted to learn. We wanted to focus on gaming because that is something that interested all of us, and after we watched this video we realized kids can learn to create computer games all by themselves! We looked at some tutorials online and learned a few tasks as a whole group. To practice individually, we used iPads. There are lots of apps that help teach about programming and game design on the iPad. Here are the ones we tried:




Daisy the Dinosaur



Here is a video showing us trying each of these apps:

We decided that the really great thing about learning to code is that instead of searching for a game or program that does what you want, you can create it yourself! We want to continue learning more about coding all year. We’ll post helpful websites on our Links page as we find them.

We would encourage everyone—kids and grownups—to try coding. It’s fun and really teaches you a lot about the technology you use every day.

Have you ever tried coding?

Do you know of any other apps or websites that help teach coding?


  1. Ya! It was fun and educational for our brains to create our own things and I really hope we do it again.

  2. Dear Mrs Hamman,

    The hour of code was fun for me. I liked creatieria the best. I liked codecademy too. I am either going to work at Google or be a football player when I grow up.

    Your student, Devin

  3. Dear,Ms.Hamman

    I loved the hour of code I hope we do it again.There was so much to do for hour of code.So Ms.Hamman can any one do the hour of code even pre-k?

    • I think even younger kids could do it, as long as they had someone to read the directions to them. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you keep learning about coding!

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