New Friends in Honduras

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Skype Honduras

Today we had a chance to learn about a different country by going on a Skype visit. Our class got together with Mrs. Carney’s kindergarten class to make a special Skype call.

Mrs. Carney has a sister-in-law who is serving in the U.S. Air Force. Right now she is stationed in Honduras, which is in Central America. She told us about what it is like to live in Honduras, and we made notes of the similarities and differences between Honduras and Arizona. She said that it is warm there right now, like it is in Arizona, but much rainier. One interesting thing she told us is that skunks are a very common sight on their base, so they have to be very careful to avoid them when they are walking at night!

One of her jobs while serving in Honduras is to work with the local people, and they often visit local orphanages. Here is a link which tells about one of the orphanages which they visit. She told us about what it is like at the orphanage and what the kids who live there like to do. It sounds like they enjoy the same types of things we do here, like reading, drawing, playing sports and using computers! We are planning to work with Mrs. Carney’s class to send some letters and cards, in Spanish and English, to the kids who live there. We look forward to making friends with the kids in Honduras!

It was very interesting for us to learn about what it is like to serve in the Air Force and to live in another country. Every time we Skype we learn more about our world!

Have you ever visited another country?

What other countries would you like to visit?

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  1. Hi, Everyone!
    I was excited to see that you are learning about the people of Honduras. I have never been there… but my husband has! He used to fly there quite frequently with the U.S. Marshals Service. He has been to a few other countries of Central America too. I have never been. 🙁
    My dream is to go to the country where my grandmother on my father’s side was born. It is a country in Europe and it looks like a boot. Can you figure out where my ancestors came from?
    I am looking forward to your next post to see what you are doing and learning. Many times, you teach me things that I never knew. I love to learn new things!
    Your down the hall neighbor,
    Mrs. Salmon

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