Our Favorite Geography Game


This post is written for the Student Blogging Challenge, Week 6, Activity 9.

This week’s challenge asked us to write about our world and the ways we learn about it. In our class, we love to learn by playing games whenever we can. Our favorite geography game is called GeoGuessr.

This is how you play: the GeoGuessr website brings up a random image from Google Earth Street View. You have to guess where in the world the picture was taken. You can look at the picture from all angles and zoom in to see small details. When you are ready to guess, you place a marker on a map. Then the site tells you how close your guess was to the actual location. The closer your guess was, the more points you get. You get five different images to guess. At the end you get a final score. It’s fun to keep playing to see if you can beat your high score!

Here’s an example of an image of a very famous place in Google Earth Street View. When you hover over this image you’ll see the address, but you won’t get that help when you play GeoGuessr!

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Our favorite thing about this game is that we get to see amazing places from all around the world. We’ve noticed that we’ve gotten a lot better at finding the locations as we’ve played, too! Some of the clues we know to look for to make a good guess:

  • If there are signs in the picture, in what language are they written?
  • If there are cars, on what side of the road are they driving?
  • Is the land flat or are there mountains or hills?
  • What types of plants and trees are growing?
  • What is the weather there? Can you see snow or rain?
  • What color is the dirt? Even that can give you a clue!

Sometimes the pictures trick us, though. For example, yesterday in one picture we saw a sign that said “restaurant” and we thought it was an English speaking country, but it was actually in France. We didn’t know until then that “restaurant” was a French word! We also had a picture yesterday that looked exactly like a part of the United States, but it was really in South Africa, over 13,000 km (8,000 miles) away! It’s been really interesting to see that places that are so far away can look so much like our own home.

Have you ever played GeoGuessr?

What are your tips for making a good guess? 


  1. Dear Students of Mrs. Hamman’s Class,

    Oh my goodness! I have never heard of GeoGuessr. This game is going to be my new favorite pastime. It is just way too cool! Thank you for showing it to me. You teach me so many things!
    I guess my tip to making a good guess would be to look at the building features of the area. Are there big city skyscrapers? Or distinct homes like a hogan? I’d also look at the people in the pictures and see what they were wearing. Not everyone in the world wears jeans and t-shirts!
    Have fun being world travelers…without ever leaving the classroom!

    Your “old” friend,
    Mrs. Salmon

    • Thank you for your tips, Mrs. Salmon! It is interesting to see all the different buildings and clothes people wear. One time we saw a picture full of stucco houses with tile roofs that looked like homes in California and Arizona, but it was in Australia! We hope you like playing Geoguessr!

  2. I have never played GeoGuessr but it looks really fun!

  3. I love playing Geoguesser, Mrs Hamman and students. I always have to travel down the roads to find more clues. Rarely can I accurately guess with just the original picture.

  4. Mrs. Hamman’s Class,
    I just had to try! I looked at the surroundings and tried to read the license plates (but they blurred them out). My first time playing and I got a score of 10,013. Is that good? My closest guess was 125 miles away and in Washington. My longest guess that I got wrong was in Alaska and I thought it was somewhere in Russia. I guess Mr. Miller needs to take me to Alaska! Thanks for showing this game. I will have to try it again!

  5. Thank you all for the nice comments! We love Geoguessr! It teaches the diffrent countrys/states by telling how far apart they are.

  6. Thanks for the tips Mrs.Salmon. Our class looks at signs, buildings and dress codes too.

  7. I am in this class we love to play GeoGuesser we play it a lot.Do you play it as much as we do?

  8. Hello, Mrs. Hamman’s class! I was going through blogs and came across yours! I love how you incorporate this game into learning. I have never played it, but I will have to try now.
    I am from a middle school blog in Apache Junction, Arizona in the United States. You can visit us at CougarNewsBlog.com.
    Have a great day!

  9. Hello,

    We think this game looks like a lot of fun! We are going to try it out when we study countries.


    Your 3B Quadblogging buddies

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