Global Cardboard Challenge 2013


On October 4, our class participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge. We started last week by watching the video of Caine’s Arcade. Because we have been studying character traits in our reading class, we talked about some of the traits we thought Caine must have. We brainstormed a list of our Morning Meeting words to describe Caine’s character traits.


Our word of the week was initiative, so we talked a lot about how Caine showed initiative in designing and building his own games. We decided to try to build our own games too. We all agreed that we would not use materials from home except tape, because we wanted to challenge ourselves to use only recyclables that would have been thrown away otherwise.

We had a great time building our creations and playing them with our friends in Mrs. Moore’s class! Here is a video of our afternoon:

At the end of the day, we shared our reflections about the Cardboard Challenge. Here are some of our comments (we learned our “feeling words” in Morning Meeting):

  • I feel jubilant because I had an idea and it worked.
  • I feel proud because I didn’t know I could make a game all by myself.
  • I feel ecstatic because my team is going to share our invention.

Have you ever made something out of a cardboard box?

What other things could we make?


  1. Wow, you are all so creative! It looks like you had a lot of fun. My cousins and I would make little towns with houses, stores and a school when we were children. You have showed us you can do anything you put your mind to. #Feeling inspired, Marc’s Mom

  2. Dear Mrs.hamman

    I’m sorrry I wasn’t there for the cardboard project I was at Mrs. Desantis but hopefully I am going to be there another day for a project.

  3. Hello Mrs. Hamman’s Class,

    Our comment some how disappeared so I thought I should try again. We loved your cardboard creations. Many of us have made things out of cardboard and recyclables Some of the things we have made are:

    1. a leprechaun trap
    2. a hamster activity cage
    3. a car
    4. a hide out
    5. a box to store things in

    Keep up your excellent creativity.

    Yours truly,
    3B blogging buddies

  4. Wow! That is so creative! Look like you have loads of fun with your class!

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