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Everyone in our class goes to Reading Club every day. We get together in groups to read and learn new skills to help us become better readers. Over the past couple of weeks our groups have been reading different books. All of the books were in the realistic fiction genre, but all the books were very different. As we’ve been reading we’ve been focusing on the characters’ traits and motivations. A trait is a quality that makes one person or thing different from another. Motivation is a force or influence that causes someone to do something. (Source: 2013. [19 Sep 2013].)

Three of our groups have finished their books and have created book trailers to teach others about the main characters’ traits and motivations.

Suitcase, by Mildred Pitts Walter

Sophie the Awesome, by Lara Bergen

Our Crazy Class Election, by Timothy Roland

Do you share any traits with these characters?


  1. The films you made are one of the best I have see. I use Imove at home and put it on YouTube.

  2. Does it cost money for Imovie?

    • Hi Kenny! The iMovie program comes free with the Mac desktop computer. You have to buy the app for iPads and iPhones. I think it’s about $5.00. Did you think it was fun to use?

      Your friend,
      Mrs. Hamman

  3. How do you make it to glow in the dark? It is cool.

  4. Wow I really liked the Sophie group. What exactly was the book about? Can you please leave a comment on the Suitcase group.

  5. Dear Crazy Class Election,
    How did you make the glow in the dark effect? I really like the glow in the dark effect.

  6. Well thank you for the compliment. I’m in the class election group I loved it.

  7. I liked the special effects.
    How did you do the special effects?

  8. Those were the most coolest videos I’ve ever seen. How did they do that? I just want to know.

  9. Dear Crazy Class Election,

    Me and Ezme really liked your trailer, we might even read the book!

    Me and Noel are wondering how you guys made the glow in the dark in the trailer.

    from: Ezme and Noel

  10. WOW guys those were AWESOME videos!! I agree with Sam those are some really good videos. Who did all the editing? I think ALL did an amazing job, I cannot wait to see more! I wish I had such a fun & great teacher when I was in school!!

  11. I like in the Suitcase video how they played basketball like the kid in the book. Do you like basketball?

  12. Dear Amy,
    Thank you for the complement I was one of them and I was the kid in the white shirt and mostly the camera man but it was fun! I hope we get to do it again.

    your friend,

  13. Dear crazy class election your trailer was awesome it was funny
    and kind of mean but I still liked it.

    By Caitlyn

  14. Dear suit case,

    I love how you did it I think it was very good! I want to know how you came up with it? I think you picked a good theme it went along with your clips. I really want to read Suit Case!

    Your friend,

  15. Dear Ms Hamman

    The trailers we made are not on youtube I tried but its not on there
    just to let you know.

    And how do you put them on youtube?

  16. Dear,Mrs.Hamman

    I have an ipad at my house how could I get Imovie.

    • Dear Devin,

      An adult with an iTunes account would need to purchase it on the iPad. It does cost money. Most of the apps we use in school are free, but I thought it was worth it to buy iMovie for our class because we’ll use it so often.

      Your friend,
      Mrs. Hamman

  17. Dear Sophie Group,

    Was it fun making the trailer?

    Your friend,

  18. Dear Mrs.Hamman’s class,

    I am Zoe from Ms.Myers class.I like your book trailers they’re good for us because,they help us under stand the book better.I like how the boys became a team.What book do you like the best Mrs. Hamman, out of all of them?I like all of them.They’re all nice.I hope you make more.
    Your Friend,

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  20. Dear Amy

    I do like basket ball and I was the one throwing the basket ball.
    Do you like basket ball?

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