The O.R.E.O. Project


OREO project

For the second year in a row, our class is participating in the O.R.E.O. Project. O.R.E.O. stands for “Our Really Exciting Online” Project. It involves math, writing and making global connections. It also involves Oreo cookies!

First we estimated to predict how many cookies we’d be able to stack.Then we separated into teams to stack the cookies. The rule was that cookies must be stacked one at a time, and if even one falls over, the attempt is over. We each had two attempts, then we recorded our highest stacks. We made a spreadsheet and used it to make a bar graph showing our best attempts. We also calculated the mean of the attempts. Results:

The mean of our estimates was 25.

The mean of our towers was 21.

The greatest number of cookies one student stacked was 26.

We reported our results to the O.R.E.O. Project results page. Then we worked on word problems in our math journals that all related to Oreo cookies.

On Thursday we will be Skyping with Mrs. Schmidt’s class to compare our results. We have a few other classes lined up to Skype with over the next two weeks. We wonder which class will have the highest stack!

Here is a short video showing us stacking the cookies. Can you see that some kids tried some different techniques to get a higher tower?

Oreos are the number-one best-selling cookies sold in the United States. What are the most popular snacks in your country?


  1. This looks really neat!! I wonder who can make the highest stack! Did you guys get to eat the oreos to?


    • no we didn’t but i wish we did we didn’t eat the oreos because so many people touched the oreos and miss.Hamman didn’t want any people getting sick.thank you

      i love you

  2. Wow! That look like such an exciting activity, and well done to the student who stacked 26 Oreos, that’s a very impressive total.
    We eat Oreos in the UK too, but I think they are more popular in the USA.
    I hope you were allowed to eat the biscuits as reward for all your hard work!

    Miss Carr (Fieldhead Carr Primary School)

  3. I remember doing this with my class. You had some really great stackers and I love how engaged the students were while others were stacking. I hope to blog with my class and maybe we can pen pal some things together. My school is in a suburb of Chicago. Great job to all the students!!!!!

  4. I really like what you have done with the Oreo project I like the idea of staking the oreo’s

  5. I like the maths lesson. I wish we did it to! I don’t know what the most poplar sweet/snack is. I look forward to blogging with you.

  6. Great job to all the stacker’s and how involved everyone was. I don’t recall learning to graph this way, but maybe we will have to practice this way at home.

  7. I really like the Oreo prodject I like Oreos so much!!!
    It is really cold her and my name is India bye!!!

  8. Hi I’m Jodie I am really excited to get quad blogging. I don’t actually like Oreos but I would love to have a go at stacking them up. I wonder how many Oreos I would stack up?

  9. Hi I’m Sophie I’m really excited to get started with quad blogging and I’m looking forward to learn about what your learning about this time also I like the idea of Oreo stacking and I’d like to find out how many Oreos you got in the end.

  10. Like the o.r.e.o stacking guys . My name is Alfie. Do you wish you ate the o.r.e.o.s … What grade are you in?

  11. This looked it was fun. We are going to do this next week.


  12. Hi Mrs hammans class! I love oreos ! I wonder if are school would do that? That would be awesome and yummy!

  13. Dear Mrs. Hamman
    The oreo project was great I wish we can do It again and I was so close to getting the highest I got 24 I was excited to do it.


  14. Everyone’s oreo tower was high.
    How high was your oreo tower?

    Your friend Kyle

  15. Dear Wesley,
    How did you get your tower so high?
    Your friend,

  16. Daer Mrs.Hamman

    Hi my name is Madison. I am going to ask you some things. I like how you guys did so good. Did you guys have fun? I just got to say be trustworthy and responsible and then you are unstoppable ( :

    Love Madison

  17. It was fun with the Oreo project and I made a tall one.

  18. Hello Mrs. Hamman and students!
    After our Skype conversation with you about the differences in our weather, we decided to go outside and take some pictures of what fall looks like on the Eastern coast of our country. We posted those pictures along with our favorite fall activities here.
    Hope you like them!

  19. Dear Mis.Hamman’s class,

    My name is Madison. I am in Ms.Myers class. I think that is a lot of Oreos. How many did you stack? My class stacked 28 oreos. Who had stacked the most in your class? I got one more question what was the hardest part of stacking? What did you do to get a lot? if you do i will be happy.


  20. Dear Mrs.Hamman’s class,

    Hi bloggers my name is Zoe.I want to know who stacked more O.R.E.O’s.I stacked 20 O.R.E.O’s!It was fun.Did you guys have fun stacking O.R.E.O’s.I think our class did.I liked your tower Wesley it looks taller than the others.I wish we can stack O.R.E.O’s again because, it was awesome.


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