Hot, Hot, Hot!


In September in Arizona, there are two words to describe the weather: hot and dry! Here is our forecast for the next few days (the top picture shows the temperature in Fahrenheit, while the bottom shows it in Celsius for our international friends):
Hot, hot, hot!

While we wait for it to cool down, we looked up some facts about the weather in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

  • The hottest temperature ever recorded: 122F (50C) on June 26, 1990
  • The coldest temperature ever recorded: 16F (-9C) on January 7, 1913
  • The longest period of time without precipitation: 142 days, from October 2005-March 2006
  • Average number of days in a year with a temperature of 100F (38C) or higher: 106
  • Average number of days in a year with a temperature of 110F (43C) or higher: 17

The strangest weather day most of us remember was a day last February, when it actually snowed on our campus! Snow in the desert is very rare; in fact, it was the first time many of us had ever seen snow.

Snow in the desert

Photo taken February 20, 2013

We are looking forward to cooler days, but for now, even though it’s hot, we still enjoy being outside! Here are some pictures we took on our playground today.


  1. Hi it’s Harry
    it is hot with you but raining here. Want to swap weather?
    Nice playground I am just going to school now 9:00.
    What time does school start for you ?


  2. Your weather looks lovely. Here in Leeds it is getting cold. Autumn is definitely on the way! Our class loves working outside in the playground but unfortunately it has been too wet and cold to venture from our warm classroom.

    Miss Carr (Fieldhead Carr Primary School)

  3. Wow, it is sure hot there! We are wearing our sweaters and jackets already here in Thompson, Manitoba.


    • Dear Ms. Bettess and Class,

      We can see on the map that you are way up north and we are sure it is cold there! How deep does the snow get in the wintertime?

      Your friends,

      Mrs. Hamman’s Class

  4. Dear Harry,

    I love to swap.It is so hot here.

    P.S.I never saw snow before.

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