Our First Week of School


Welcome to our first blog post of the 2013-14 school year! School started for our third grade class just over one week ago. We’ve been busy getting to know each other and we’ve already learned a lot! Here are some photos of our first week, with explanations written by students (click on the pictures to enlarge).

On the first day of school we did a math problem. We tried to estimate how many letters were in the first and last names of everyone in our class. Then we built our first and last names using Unifix cubes and counted them to check our estimate. Instead of counting all the cubes, we got the idea of putting them into groups of ten, then in groups of hundreds. We found out that all our estimates were too low! There were 346 letters in all our names.

We also did a QR code scavenger hunt. We split into color teams and used iPads to scan codes. It said to find a number on a paper posted somewhere in the room. Each paper had base 10 blocks that showed a number. When we found the right one it gave us a QR code to go to the next clue. The red team finished first.

We started writing right away. We decorated our writer’s notebooks with big stickers. We read another kid’s writer’s notebook so we could see what we could write about. Then we started writing lists of ideas. We also looked at our blog and learned about how to write a blog post. We liked seeing what the kids in last year’s class did!

We did our first Mystery Skype call! Before the call we learned how to read our maps, and we brainstormed a list of questions to ask the other class. When we Skyped with the other class we asked them yes or no questions until we figured out where they were. It was fun to talk to another class all the way across the country! [Mrs. Hamman’s note: For the third year in a row, our first Skype of the year was with Mr. Haney’s fifth graders. Thank you, Mr. Haney!] 

Our class has a box of Rubik’s Cubes. When we got them they were all perfect and finished. The first thing we did was mess them all up! We’ve just started learning about how to solve them. We have some books to help us. Did you know that the first step is to solve the four white edges on top? We are going to keep working until they are all solved! [Mrs. Hamman’s note: The Rubik’s Cubes were very kindly loaned to us by the STEM education program at You Can Do the Cube.]

We are excited to learn more and can’t wait for next week!

What did you do the first week of school?



  1. Mrs. Hamman,

    Looks like the students are having a blast while learning at the same time!! Derrik has told me about Skyping he thinks its really cool that the class got to talk to 5th Graders in Tennessee!


  2. Dear 3rd Graders,

    Wow! What a busy week you had! In 6th grade we also had a busy week! We got our science journals put together and organized, we did a couple of experiments and learned about the scientific method. We spent time learning about each other too. We spent time in our ‘Crew Review’ which is just like Morning Meeting learning about our goals for the year.

    What was your favorite part of your first week?

    Your friend,
    Miss Holmquist

  3. Dear Mrs. Hamman’s Scholars,
    I enjoyed watching you work on math, interact with books and each other this week. What an amazing adventure you are starting out on. Thank you for teaching me something this week about the Rubik’s Cube. No wonder I have yet to finish one of those. I can’t wait for another clue about the cube. I wonder what else I will learn from you this year?
    Mrs. Farris

  4. Dear Mrs. Hamman’s class,
    What a coincidence! We did the exact same stuff as you did on the first day of school! I have one question to ask you. Do you do Morning Meeting and if you do do your kids love it?

    Your friend,

  5. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    We really like your post. We looked at the pictures of your class. You have a good class.
    Do you guys read after lunch? Do you do poetry Friday? Do you do groups.
    Do you do morning meeting to? We’ve been learning a lot to. We would like you to comment our class back.

    Your friends,
    Mrs.Moore’s class

  6. Dear Mrs Hamman,

    I hope your class has a great year.I wonder what you do in your classroom do you do morning meeting? Do you do seatwork?We have netbooks. Do you have ipods? We are reading who will win a killer whale vs great white shark.

    Your friend,

  7. Dear Mrs. Hamman,

    You are a very good teacher. I loved the stuff we did so far. I hope we have time for more. I am excited because we are leaning about monarch butterflys.
    I saw a painted lady butterfly yesterday. My brother thought it was a monarch.

    Your Student, Devin

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