Paperless Classroom for Earth Day


April 22 is Earth Day! All year we have been reading and learning about Earth Day and what we can do to help the environment.

One thing we have been talking about is the amount of paper we use. Just about every week, our recycling bin looks like this:

Then we put it in the big recycling can in our building, which soon looks like this:

Now, we know that recycling paper is good for the environment. However, earlier this year we learned from Miss Evelyn from Keep Phoenix Beautiful that the most important of the 3 R’s is Reduce. We should be trying harder to reduce the amount of paper we use in the first place. We decided that this week, we would try not to use any paper at all! Here are some of the things we did.

Writing without paper is easy. We just typed our writing into documents using Google Drive.

During Read to Self, we used iPads and Leappads, or read blogs and books online.

We used page protectors and dry erase markers to practice our math facts.

We used iPads a lot during math. In this picture, we’re using the iPads for a QR code scavenger hunt to help us practice identifying types of lines and angles.

We have been practicing annotating text in reading, and we weren’t sure how to do that without using paper. We decided to take paper copies of the passages we were reading and put them in page protectors. Then we annotated using dry erase markers. That way the same papers can be reused over and over again.

When we needed to take a test, we entered our answers on responders.

We even took our weekly spelling test online, by typing our words into Spelling City.

It was Secretaries’ Day this week, too. Usually we make cards for our school secretaries, and we weren’t sure how to show our appreciation for them without using paper! We came up with the idea of using cardstock that a local business had used for its displays and then donated to our school. We reused the paper by cutting them into petal shapes, writing notes on them and putting them together into a flower (here is where we got this idea).

We had a great paperless week, and we are excited to see if we can continue this until the end of the school year!

Have you ever tried to go paperless in your classroom?

What did you do for Earth Day?


  1. Bear Hamman class,

    I like to do stuff on tech. We also get free tech.

    your friend

  2. Mrs.Hamman are we going to never use paper ever again? Are we going to do technology forever?:)

  3. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    like being paperless because we get to spend more time on technology. Maybe we can do this for the rest of the year?

    Your Student,

  4. I think that was fun doing the paperless week! I hope I get to do the paperless week in fourth grade.

  5. Dear Mrs.Hamman’s class,

    I think it was hard to go paperless in our classroom. I liked using Leap pads.

    Your student,

  6. I think it was a lot of fun . I think going paper less was better for the evironment.

  7. I liked playing on tech because we played games.

  8. Dear,Mrs. Hammen

    I think it is cool using no paper.

    You’r friend Seth

  9. I liked playing on tech.

  10. Dear Mrs.Hamman,
    I’m having so much fun with Paperless Classroom. Do you like this paperless thing? I might even start it in my house. What do you think?

    Your student,

  11. Dear Mrs.hamman.
    I think that paperless classroom is a good idea because we can use less paper and use more technology. I hope we can do this until the end of the school year.

  12. Dear Mrs.Hamman,I think we should do more tech so we can learn more on reading and math on them.

    your student Zoey.

  13. Dear Mrs. Hamman,
    I like having a paperless classroom. My favorite part of having a paperless classroom is using a lot of technology.

    Your friend,

  14. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    It’s good that you don’t use paper because you don’t have to worry about your pencils breaking and you don’t have to worry to sharpening your pencils.

  15. Dear mrs.hamman,

    Are we going to extend paperless classroom to next week.

    I think using google apps is fun.

  16. I think my class did really good on Earth Day. Did your class use no paper on Earth Day? I liked it when my class made the thank you flowers. Those were pretty. I bet the teachers that we gave them to really liked them. Do you think the flowers are pretty?

  17. Dear Mrs.Hamman,
    I think it is cool that that we get to use to use technology instead of paper.
    your student,

  18. Dear Class,
    I appreciate all of your efforts in helping to reduce. I would love to hear your thoughts on making this a process we do daily in all grades.

    Mrs. Farris

  19. Dear Mrs. Hammon’s class,

    I love that you had a paperless day. So did we but we had a paperless week and for some reason we are still doing it! I don’t know why but maybe we are doing paperless month! I am confused but I love this it is very fun to have a paperless month because you know you are helping the earth by doing this. Is it fun?

    Your friend,

  20. Dear Mrs Hammans class

    Recycling is very important to the environment you can just throw a can on the floor or take 5 seconds to recycle a can if you do not recycle a can then it will take 1year to recycle its self. And when it dose it puts chemical in the ground.

    Your friend.

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