Iditarod Update!


The 2013 Iditarod champion is: Mitch Seavey!

After 9 days, 7 hours, 39 minutes and 56 seconds of racing, Mitch Seavey arrived into Nome just after midnight on Tuesday night. Aliy Zirkle finished in second place, just like she did last year.

Mitch Seavey, at 53 years old, is the oldest winner of the Iditarod in history. This is especially interesting because he is the father of Dallas Seavey, who last year became the youngest Iditarod winner ever! Dallas came in fourth place this year.

“Our” musher, Lance Mackey, finished in 19th place. Lance’s team started out great and he was the first musher to the halfway point of the race. His team then had some challenges and they fell back in the pack. It was interesting for us to read more about him in the race updates from the trail. One writer called him the “ultimate optimist”. Do you know what an optimist is? It’s a person who always thinks positively, no matter how bad things are going. You can read more about Lance’s positive attitude in this article and this earlier article. Lance was quoted as saying about his dogs, “They are exceeding my expectations. Next year this team could win.” We are proud of you, Lance!

When our class researched the mushers and nominated the ones we thought were most likely to win the Iditarod, Mitch Seavey came in third in our class voting. In fact, five out of our six nominees ended up finishing in the top 30, which means they win a share of the prize money. Although you can never completely predict the result of an event like this. we think we did some quality research to find the best mushers!

For members of our class who might be reading this over Spring Break, here’s a challenge for you: read the last three paragraphs of this article, then answer these two questions. 1. What was Mitch Seavey’s lead dog’s name? 2. What is the most interesting thing you learned about dogsled racing this year?


  1. I thInk it was awesome because it was a tie for a while then the last one came up it was close one. When is the next one

  2. Mitch Seavey’s lead dog is Tanner. The most interesting fact is the leader can change really fast.

  3. The greatest thing I learned about in the dogsled is race is that Mitch Seavey’s lead dog is Tanner and I think we looked Tanner up. The leaders can also change really fast.

  4. Mitch seavey won the Iditarod and got lots of money.

  5. The lead dog is named Tanner. And the most interesting thing that i have learned is that, they have 16 dogs.

  6. It is terrible that you have to lose dogs on the Iditarod.

  7. Dear Mrs.Hamman.Yes I do know the leaders dog name it is called Tanner. Well the most interesting thing is everything I liked how you explaind everything.
    your friend Zoey

  8. Mrs. Hamman I am voting for Aliy Zirkle next year because she came in second place or Mitch Seavey because he came in first place they are both good Iditarod racers because they probably practice a lot every day with their dogs,food and drinks for them.

  9. I liked the Iditarod even Mitch Seavey won. It was still fun picking Lance Machey as our musher for the Iditarod. He did his best in the Iditarod he came in first place in some places then started come down in second place then kept going down then at
    the end of the race he came in 19th place.

  10. The elditarod was a fun thing to do. Lets do a thing like that. 0_0
    your friend Mark. p.s. I’ll keyboard it.

  11. I don’t like it when dogs are sick it’s terrible.

  12. Dear Zac,

    When the next iditarod race starts in 344 days and 21 hours and 30 min. Hears a question when dose your birthday start

    your new friend

  13. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    I like the Iditarod race do you? I can’t believe that Mitch Seavey won.I like when Jeff King when he won in 3 place. Who did you think would win? I thought Mitch Seavey would win and he did.

    Your new friend,

    P.S.please leave a comment on

  14. Dear Mrs.Hamman, I like the Iditarod race.And I like when Jeff King came in 3 place and we pick him as our musher.What musher did you pick?

    Mrs.Moore student Joana

  15. Dear mrs.hammins calls me and my friend like your video of the rinos because there are a lot of good drawings actually we liked all of them and we like rinos to . How can you Tell from a femal to a male

    From.marissa and falicity
    Mrs. Avery’s class

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