Save Our Rhinos!


by Andrew, Zac and Cameron

Our class and Mrs. Moore’s class are participating in the Travelling Rhinos Project. We are excited to meet “our” rhino, Makulu, as soon as it comes in the mail! To prepare for Makulu’s visit we have been doing research about the rhinoceros. Here are some facts we learned:

  • There are 5 species of the rhino family: white, black, Indian, Sumatran and Javan. The Javan rhino is the most endangered. 
  • Next to the elephant, the white rhino is the second largest land mammal. 
  • Rhinos are found in parts of Africa and Asia. 
  • Rhino habitats can be very different. Some species live in a savanna and others live in forests. 
  • Rhinos have bad eyesight but good hearing. 
  • A rhino is actually related to the horse. 
  • A rhino can turn very quickly and run as fast as 60 km per hour for a short time. 
  • Rhinos are endangered mostly because of poachers. 
  • They are hunted because some people think their horns can be used for medicine. 
  • Rhino horns are made of the same thing as fingernails. They can’t really help with diseases.   

Here is a ThingLink we made. Click on the colored dots to find out more about rhinos!

Here is a Smilebox of the rhino art we made. We learned to draw rhinos from this site, then we painted them with watercolors.

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What is your favorite animal?

What do you think kids can do to help endangered animals?


  1. Wow! This art is beautiful! Well done. Makulu will be visiting you soon. Please take good care of him and make the most of his visit!
    Mrs S.

  2. Dear Mrs.Hammans class,

    Are you researching about Fredrick Douglass? We are. Did you already have a video confrence with the guy that worked with him?
    What did you learn from him? I learned that he died in Janruary 20 1818.


  3. Thank you for letting us do the rhino project and also for letting us use the new computer.

  4. Mrs.Hamman, we should do this more often please because I like art.

    • I’m glad you liked the art project, Blaiz! I think we’ll do some art when we study rocks in science. How could doing art help us learn more about rocks?

  5. We are going to learn about rocks. When are we going to learn about rocks? I hope soon.

  6. Dear Andrew, Zac, and Cameron,
    My favorite animal is a black lab. it is a kind of dog. It is my favorite animal because I have a black lab.
    Your friend,

  7. Dear Andrew,Zac,and Cameron,
    That Rhino thing was fantastic.I wanted to know did you guys have any other facts that you thought were good but you didn’t get time to do them?

    Your friend,

  8. Dear Andrew, Zac, Cameron,
    I think the thinglink was a good thing to do on that project.

    Your friend,

  9. Dear Zachary, Andrew, and Cameron,
    I like the way you guys wrote facts about rhinos. Where did you get the facts?

    Your friend,

  10. Dear Zac, Andrew and Cameron,
    We liked your facts about rhinos because it says that there are 5 species of the rhino family: white, black, Indian, Sumatran and Javan.

    Your friends,
    Blaiz and Eling

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  12. dear zac,andrew and camron you did a good job and my favorite rhino is the black and indian thoes are my two favorite.

  13. Dear Mrs.Hamman’s class,

    I like your rhino video it is nice. We think you are grate drawers wow you guys blow me away with all of your grate drawings. We do you guys like our voice thread and guys are great drawers and please visit our blog!
    love your friend,

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