A Day in Our Class


What does a day in your classroom look like? We were visiting Mr. Avery’s blog and we saw that last year they made a time-lapse video showing everything that happened in their day. We thought that was a fantastic idea and we wanted to try it ourselves! We set up an iPad in the corner of our classroom and programmed the Motion Pictures app to take one photo every 10 seconds throughout the day. The app compiled the photos into a video, then we added some music and text using iMovie. Now we have a video showing our entire day in less than 90 seconds!

When you watch this video, see if you can spot:

  • Our Morning Meeting
  • A Mystery Skype call where we met our new friends in Ohio
  • A readaloud and video about Ruby Bridges, in honor of Civil Rights Day next week
  • Our daily 2-minute dance break, and…
  • A surprise fire drill!

One Day in Our Classroom from S Hamman on Vimeo.

What would we see if we could spend a day in your classroom?



  1. Dear Mrs. Hamman’s class,

    I really enjoyed your video! It looked like you packed a lot into a day. I would definitely love to spend a day in your class!

    It’s funny because I was just thinking about how I needed to do this again because I haven’t done one with my class this year yet.

    Did you know that you were being recorded through the day? Last year my students had no idea! They were all so shocked when I showed them the video. Do you think I should tell my class this year or just surprise them?

    Mr. Avery

    • Dear Mr. Avery,

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, we knew about the video, because we needed to make sure no one touched the iPad while it was recording! Most of us forgot about it during the day, though. We think it would be fun to try to keep it a secret if you could. We’ll check back on your blog to see how your video turns out!

      Mrs. Hamman’s Class

  2. Dear Mrs. Hamman’s Class,

    We like the video you made of your day. We also like how your classroom is set up. Some kids say it reminded them of Sonic the Hedgehog. If you could spend the day in our classroom you would also see morning meeting. You would see math groups, reading groups, students independently reading, our desks in four groups, and lots more! We also think it would be fun to do a video of our classroom’s daily activities!

    Your friends,
    Mrs. Moore’s Class

  3. Oops! We forgot to ask our questions! Is that cool app on our iPads? How did the batteries on your camera last all day? Did the fire drill scare you?

  4. Hello there to Mrs Hamman’s class,
    Loved the clip, you all need to wear a pedometer and add that to the post as you were incredibly active throughout the day 😉
    Looks like a great way to share what your class gets up to and how you learn with friends and family.
    Thank you for sharing
    Mr Dyer

  5. Hi, We’re the Kittiwakes from Flamborough School, England. We enjoyed watching your video. It look lots of fun. Do you mind if we ask you some questions about your school day?

    What time do you start and finish school?
    Why did you read on the floor?
    Why don’t you wear a school uniform? We have to!
    Where do you have your lunch? Do you have hot dinners or packed lunches?
    We do ‘Wake up and shake up’ every morning for 10 minutes? What do you use for your dance sessions?

    • Hi, we are Tatum, Cameron and Eling. We start school at 9:00 and school ends at 3:35. We don’t wear uniforms but we wear things that are appropriate. Hi, I’m Cameron and we sat on the floor because when we sit at our desks sometimes people in the class can’t see or are playing with stuff in their desks. We eat lunch outside or inside when it is cold or rainy, and we get a choice of lunch, hot lunch or peanut butter and jelly sandwich and yogurt. Thank you for leaving a comment.

  6. Hello, This is Dru and Thomas from Flamborough School England, We both liked your video it was awesome the fast features.

    Thomas: Why don’t you wear school uniform? We do!
    Dru: What lessons do you do? My favourite is Maths.
    Thomas: Why do you dance in the classroom?
    Dru: Where do you eat your lunch, do you have cooked food or Pack Lunches?

    Bye, from Dru and Thomas Flamborough School England.

    • We do not wear school uniform because lots of kids in the USA do not wear them. Thanks for your comment.

    • The students eat lunch outside on the tables.Our class does math, reading, science.We eat cooked lunches and packed lunches too. Thanks for the comments

  7. Hello my name is Jamie and Toby

    your vido is good

    we are from flamborough

  8. Hi My name is Charlotte I am from flamborough school
    Why do you wear home cloaths we have to wear a uniform?
    Do you eat diner in the class room?
    Do you do a dance?

  9. Hi,Brooke and Embla,we are just going to ask you a few questions if that is okay.

    Why don’t you wear school uniforms? because we do.

    Do you do wake up and shake up first thing in the morning for ten minutes?

    What time do you come to school and finish school?

    From Brooke and Embla

    • In the US not that kids many wear uniforms. No we don’t do wake up and shake up but we do brain breaks. We get to school at 9:05 and get out at 3:35. What is wake up and shake up? Bye.

    • In the US some people wear uniforms but not a lot of people. No we don’t do wake up and shake up time but we do have our brain break time when we dance. We get to school at 9:05 and get out of school at 3:35.What is wake up and shake up? Thanks for leaving a comment!


      Eva and Darren

  10. Hi were Harvey Jenson,we thought your class was awsome, we want to you some quistions for you,

    Where do you go for lunch?

    Why did the video go fast?

    How many classrooms do you go to?

    And that is all we want to ask you.

    From Harvey and Jenson.

  11. I really like your video it was like everybody ate too much sugar and they got too hyper and started going crazy. I want to make a video like that.

    • Mrs.Hamman did the video with her iPad the iPad was taking 1 picture every 10 sec.

    • Ha ha ha we did not go crazy, Danny. How we did this: we got a iPad and took pictures and put them together. Your friend, Mark p.s. I they made It too.

  12. Hi.I want to know why you made your video fast???? I really loved it. I also liked how you put words on the bottom.

  13. Hi. I want to know why you made the video fast? I liked how you put some words on the bottom of the screen that told me things you were doing. Did you videotape the whole day? What did you have for lunch? In computer I am making a news broadcast about Egypt.

  14. I saw the Mystery Skype (in person and on your video). I like your classroom.

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