Morning Meeting


Written by Eva and Brianna

Photos by Cameron

When we were writing our post for #Blog121212, we realized that we had not written a blog post about one of our favorite classroom activities, Morning Meeting! This is a description of how we do Morning Meeting in our classroom every day.

The person that leads it is the person that our teacher chooses that day. In our class the only person who can talk is the one holding the eyeball!

First we do goals.  The leader tells you to close your eyes and think about what your goal is for the day. Then you open your eyes when you have a idea of what your goal is and the leader will pick you. For example, one person today said he wanted to get faster on his math facts test. Sometimes Mrs. Hamman talks about a goal for our whole class.

Second we do feeling statements.  The leader picks a pattern to go around the circle. Then, if you’re called on you pick a synonym for happy or sad, and you put a happy or sad synonym in a complete sentence about how you’re feeling that day. For example: “I am feeling jubilant because I got a new puppy!” We keep track of our favorite feeling words on a magnet board.



Then we do greetings, like a special handshake. Example:

Morning Greeting from S Hamman on Vimeo.

Last we pick the word of the day. We pick a word that we want to learn. We’ll repeat the word throughout the day, for every transition we make. For example, today’s word of the day is elevation, which is a word we found the day before in a nonfiction book about habitats.

What we like best about Morning Meeting is the cool greetings we come up with! We think it’s a good idea to do Morning Meetings because kids can share how they are feeling and they can greet other kids. Plus, they learn a new word every day. We think you should try this in your class!


  1. Hi Eva, Brianna, Cameron, and Mrs. Hamman’s class,

    This is a fabulous post! Between the descriptions and the photos/video, I feel like I was in your class watching your Morning Meeting. Do you do this routine every morning? How much time on average do you spend in your Morning Meeting?

    If I was a classroom teacher, I’d want to start my classes with a Morning Meeting also. It sounds like a fabulous way to connect, dig deeper into vocabulary and communication, and it’s a refreshing way to start the day.

    Thanks for this post!

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

    • Yes but if there is something else going on then we don’t do it. It depends on how long goals, feeling statements, greetings, and word of the day. Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog.

      Brianna and Eva

  2. Thank you for investing the time in building community with each other. What a great opportunity to learn from each other. I bet you have learned many new things you never anticipated learning before.

    If you had the opportunity, what would you say to convince your future fourth grade teacher to hold class meetings?

    • If we were in fourth grade we would go tell our teacher about morning meeting first. Then ask them to go to Mrs. Hamman’s class blog and look at our post on morning meeting. And then let them think about it. If they says yes then we’ll say o.k. if you want us to help you just ask us during morning meeting.

      Your friends,
      Brianna and Eva

  3. Mrs Hammans Class
    I really liked this post. I am a classroom teacher from New Zealand and I really like how everthing combines together, the photographs, the video and all the goal setting is shared with the students, that must give everyone lots of focus for the school day,. Really liked the photo with the Eyeball, we have a talking ‘stick; in the classroom when we are having a meeting, but I have to say I think that the eyeball looks like fun.

    We have a morning notices session at our school but not the detail that you have and its something that I think our class needs to think about. How has your meetings format changed? Is there anything else that you are thinking of adding or changing?

    Mr Webb and Room Five. Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

    • Thank you for your comment, Mr. Webb! We have kept the same format for most of the year. We keep adding new greetings and new words to our feeling statements, and that makes every day a little bit different. We would love to hear some new ideas if you come up with some!

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  5. Great post girls! I love hearing about what you during your day.

    • Hi mom! I can’t believe that you were looking at the blog! Did you look at the postcards from Antarctica? Did you do it at work? I love you! Thank you for leaving a post on the blog.


  6. Me and my partner loved your class room it was astonishing.

  7. I really like your morning meeting because the eyeball is so scary

  8. I really liked your post

  9. I think your Morning Meeting sounds really fun! I like how only the person with the eyeball can talk. I was wondering if the person with the eyeball is the leader or just anybody in the class.

    • Hello Tristan! We choose a new leader for Morning Meeting every day. We make sure everyone gets a chance to be the leader. Sometimes kids think being the leader is harder than they thought it would be! Thank you for your comment.

  10. Your morning massage is very cool. it is cool because we dont get to learn new words every day we only learn new words ones and a while.

    • Thank you for your comment, Jordan! We like learning new words every day, both from our reading and from our Morning Meeting.

  11. Hi this is Dru from Flamborough school England,

    I really like your morning greetings I wish we could do it at my school,

    from Dru Flamborough school England

    • Thank you for your comment, Dru! We just started doing Morning Meeting this year and we think it’s a great way to start our day.

  12. All of your videos are so go have you got eny more.

    from Ryan.

  13. In our classroom we have morning meeting, too. We do a greeting and an activity then somebody reads the morning message.

  14. I read about your morning meeting. We do a greeting too. My favorite greeting that we do is the ball roll greeting.

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