Today is a special day! It is December 12, 2012, or 12-12-12! Classes all over the world are marking this day by participating in a special day of blogging and writing about their 12 favorites: books, songs, foods, or whatever they choose. Our class decided to write about our Top 12 Things We’ve Done in School This Year. We brainstormed a list of things we have done this year and we each chose our three favorites. We tallied the choices on our individual lists, then put the lists together to create our list of top 12 favorites. We reviewed some of our old blog posts as we were brainstorming, and we realized how many things we’ve learned about so far this year!



(with a link to a blog post if we have one)

1. Mad Science Day

2. Skype calls (our goal is to do 40 Skype calls this year and to talk to at least three continents; so far we’ve done 17, and two continents!)

3. Morning meetings (we don’t have a blog post about this, but we will write one soon!)

4. Dinosaur Stomp flash mob

5. Making green screen videos

6. Using iPads and iPods

7. Making 3-D snowflakes (pictured below)

8. Blogging

9. Nature walk in the desert

10. Oreo project

11. Making a cardboard arcade

12. Snowglobe project/holiday card exchange (we just completed this project and haven’t written a blog post about it yet)


Making this list has made us excited to see what we’ll learn in 2013!

We look forward to reading other classes’ posts about #Blog121212. What are your Top 12 Favorites?



  1. Dear Mrs.Hammans class,
    Hi my name is Stephanie.I like how you guys did your 12 things that you guys done this year.I really like the 3d snowflakes you guys did.An interesting thing that is in our class is we have made holiday cards for all around the world.How did you make them?Was it hard to make them?We would love it if you would be able to take a look at our blog.Please visit us at blogs.goaj.org/smyers
    Your friend,

  2. Dear Mrs.Hamman’s class,
    I like your oreo project.It was great we did the same thing to! So.do you like 12\12\12? I do it is so awesome even though this is my first time of 12\12\12 it is fun because we are blogging

    p.s. Tell Eva I liked her post on our blog.

    Your new friend Matthew

  3. 1.My favorite food is Macaroni and cheese.
    2.My other favorite food is pizza with cheese on it.
    3.My favorite animal is a tiger.
    4.My favorite sport is Basket ball.
    5.My favorite book is Trumpet of the swan by E.b white.
    6.My favorite drink is water.
    7. My favorite soda is Root Beer.
    8.My favorite person is Caris.
    9. My favorite place is school.
    10. My favorite game is twister.
    11.My favorite thing to do is play games.
    12.My favorite artist is Broono mars.

  4. Does your class like to read Flat Stanley?

  5. Dear Mrs. Hamman,

    I love being in school! l love you Mrs. Hamman! Let’s get to the chase.
    1. Dinosaur stomp
    2. G.R.A.
    3. Butterfly progect
    4. Pumken progect
    5. Snowflakes

  6. 121212 was the most fun I had ever had on that day.

  7. I really liked your blog it was really cool. There was some awesome things on your blog that I really liked. And please come to Mrs. Stevens blog and I am Aynsleys blog.

  8. Dear ms.Hammam I love the snowflakes you guys made and its awesome because those snowflakes look awesome.

  9. 12/12/12 was awesome I think it should be 12/12/12 every day.
    Do you?
    On12/12/12 What do your class do on 12/12/12?


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  11. I think that is cool! I loved 12-12-12 to. Did you know it will be about one million years be for there will be another day like that! I wish i could do that .Do you like days like 12-12-12?

  12. Hi Caleb!
    This is how we make a 3d snow flake. We took 6 pieces of paper and started folding them back and forth. Then when we were done folding all 6 papers, we stapled them together. That is how you make a 3d snow flake! Thank you for this comment.

    from Adelyn

  13. I think you guys did a lot of fun things. I will tell you what I’ve done. 1) Oreo Stacking 2) iPads 3) Pumpkin Math 4) PE 5) book clubs 6) field trip to Cleveland Food Bank 7) recess 8) learning multiplication 9) learning division

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