Student App Review: Nearpod


It’s time for students to start writing blog posts! We are starting with a student app review.

By: Aiden, Zac and Darren

Nearpod is awesome. We get into groups of three to share the iPads. First you have to get a code to log in.

After that your teacher shows you pictures with facts, like a food pyramid or mammals with other animals. You also can watch videos.  Your teacher flips from page to page if you are done or not. You get to control it on slide shows.

Exploring Nearpod from S Hamman on Vimeo.

You can take quizzes about what you learn. Your teacher will see your scores or group scores. For some quizzes you can draw or write on the iPad and some are multiple choice.

We think it would be good for classes because you get to learn a lot about stuff you did not know. So if you have access to an iPad at school then ask your teacher if your class can try Nearpod on the iPads.

Do you have iPads at your school?

What are your favorite apps?


  1. Near pod is awesome.

  2. It was so fun when you let us use your Ipad thank you!!

  3. Yes I have iPads at my school and my favorite apps are rocket math andmath gardians.

  4. Wow! I wonder what subject is up next?

  5. It’s fun to be on Nearpod.

  6. I liked the the nearpod.I think tha we should use nearpod more often.

  7. I think nearpod is awesome.

  8. Dear Mrs.Hamman’s Class

    My name is Emmanuel @ St Elizabeth, let me explain about me, am the only child and i like posting comments to other blogs.

    I think your blog is really good.

    At my school we just started this year to have ipads, there are lots of apps like space racer where you need to answer questions fast.

    From Emmanuel

  9. That Nearpod thing was really cool!!! I wonder what subject is up next?

  10. Nearpod is so cool! It is fun,festive, and it helps us learn.

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  12. Hi my name is Edward from Flamborough,

    In our school we dont have a Ipod

  13. Hi My name is Kyra I am from flamborough school

    No we don’t have ipads put my brother does and I have a ipodtouch my favourite game on my brothers ipad is hillclimb it is wicked it what is your favourite game on the ipad?

    • Hillclimb sounds fun! We’ll have to check it out. We all have different favorite games, but one of the ones we all like is called One Touch Drawing. It’s very challenging! Thank you for your comment.

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