Flat Stanley


Do you know who Flat Stanley is? He’s a character in a series of books written by Jeff Brown. He’s a regular boy except that he is totally flat! Because he is flat he can go on all kinds of adventures; all he has to do to travel somewhere is get mailed there in an envelope!

We are starting a Flat Stanley project. We are making our own Flat Stanleys and sending them to friends all over the world. Our friends will take pictures and tell us stories about the adventures Stanley had while visiting them. If you’d like Flat Stanley to visit you, please leave us a comment!

A group at our Saturday Academy made a trailer about our Flat Stanley project. A trailer is supposed to give you a little bit of information about something that is coming up, just to get you excited about it.

Flat Stanley Trailer from S Hamman on Vimeo.

Did our trailer work? Are you excited about the Flat Stanley project?


  1. I love Flat Stanly. I have read a book. Have you read a book of Flat Stanly?

  2. Me and Briana had a fun time there. And you can do things like that if you go to Rocky’s Academy!

  3. I like flat Stanley! I wonder how many Books there are.i can’t wait to read another one!

  4. You guys read Flat Stanly books I love Flat Stanly he is cool.
    Did you guys read the one where Stanly gets flat and his brother is jealous?

  5. I like your vidio of flat stanly we thought it was reely good.
    I love how you made your vidio of flat stanley!

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