Mad Science Day


October 31 is an exciting day in the United States. This year, instead of thinking about candy all day, we decided to think about science! We spent all day investigating, researching, observing and practicing science. We had an amazing day!

Even though we did a lot of science activities, we didn’t do any experiments. When you do an experiment you need to plan each step very carefully, use the scientific method, and collect data. We are planning our first real experiment for next week. Stay tuned!

Here’s a video showing the highlights of our Mad Science Day.

Mad Science Day 2012 from S Hamman on Vimeo.


  1. I like the video that you put on the blog I liked it.

  2. Hi mrs.hamman I love the blog.

  3. It was so fun when we did science day.

  4. I like the show what is the blue stuff? The cool stuff that looks blue looks cool to pick up.

  5. Wow! Mad science day was fun! I can,t wait for another mad science day. The oobleck was so fun!

  6. When we first made the oobleck I thought it was grose.

  7. I think mad science day was the best day I ever had at school.I think we should do it next time we have time.

  8. That was really fun! Who thinks oobleck was the best thing. Also who ever else who is not in our class who would like to do it in your class?

  9. I think on mad science day was fun.


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  12. Hi.

    your vidio was raily good.

    Do you have took?

    Do you brush your teeth?

    Do you do art?

    • Hi Angel and Yasmine. Thank you for your comment. We do art rarely. What does took mean? We do brush our teeth but not at school.

  13. That video was so awesome! I thought that you guys had a lot of fun. I sure wish that I was there. I hope that we have a science day too. I liked the exploding soda and I did the same thing too.

    • Hi Jack how are you. I am Cameron and the person I am writing with is name is Eling and mad science day was fun. It was for Halloween. And we used mints in the soda and we had a hot soda, a cold soda and a warm soda.

  14. Science day looked cool . I wonder what that gushy blue stuff feels like? You know I am a big fan of science. Every Wednesday my class does science with our science teacher Mr.I .

  15. That sounds like a fun day! I so wish I could do that. I was wondering how you made model hovercrafts.

  16. Dear Mrs.Hamman’s class,

    Mad Science Day looks very fun ! My class did not really do anything for Mad Science Day, but we got to do the soda geysers with you guys ! That was really cool . Here are some questions for your class . 1. What were the little sponge things ? 2. What was you favorite thing you did that day ? Ok one more question . Would you do Mad Science Day again ?
    I hope you had a jaw dropping time !
    Your friend,

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