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This week we have been reading and writing poetry in our writing class. We’ve noticed that poets sometimes compare two things to create a picture in their readers’ minds. We learned that when a comparison between two things contains the words “like” or “as”, that is called a simile. We decided to write our own poems using similes. Here are some examples:

Image attribution: Oaks, Linda. baldeagle1234.jpg. 2011. Pics4Learning. 23 Oct 2012 <>

I saw an American eagle
He was as long as a plain
He was fierce  to the wind,
The whiteness of the feathers were like clouds
The browns of the feathers were like bark from a new tree
Oh how wonderful to be as cool as an American eagle
He soared through the sky
And that’s what I saw when he flew by.
(By Eva)

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My dad
He’s strong as a bull,
and sweet as pie,
and cool as ice.
Smart as Albert Einstein,
and funny as a knock knock joke.
And he’s loving.
(By Cameron)

Image attribution: Gates, James. dscf3048.jpg. June 17, 2011. Pics4Learning. 23 Oct 2012 <>

My turtle’s shell is like a forcefield.
Trust me, I tried to pull on it and it bit me
It left a bruise as big as a rock, but it went away.
(By Brendan)

The turtle was as green as a tree.
He went to the lake and turned blue.
The water was as cold as an ice cube
(By Eling)

Several students wrote poems about their dogs! Check out these similes:

Image attribution: Evans, Mary. longhairdachshundpuppy.png. November 2010. Pics4Learning. 23 Oct 2012 <>

My puppy is like a brown tree
And is as small as a button.
He is like a furry little ball
When he goes to sleep he acts like he is walking or running in his sleep
But he is my good boy.
(By Tatum)

My dog is as smart as a person
He’s fast like a roadrunner
He’s as strong as a house
He is big and skinny too.
(By Anthony)

My dog has a hip
He can do a back flip.
He is as big as a chair and
Has won a gold at a fair.
He is as fast as a jet
I just like him as a pet.
(By Aiden)

My dog named Bear,
is like a giant grizzly bear.
He is like a pony,
My sister can ride on him.
He is as cute as a little bunny.
(By Brianna)

Do you include similes in your writing?

Why do you think authors and poets use similes?


  1. Eva your poem is so cool. I love it so much.

  2. I wrote that poem about turtles.

  3. I just love the turtle one.

  4. Wow Eva! I like your poem. It makes me feel like I’m souring throw the sky!

  5. I think writers use similes in their writing because they want to give you a picture in your head of something.

  6. My least favorate dinosaur is stegusaurus.

  7. I liked the dinisour stomp it was very cool and I loved it so thank you for taping it for us you are the best!

  8. Good job on your similes. They were good. They were very interesting. Mrs.Hamman you and your kids did a nice job on their similes. I hope you have fun with them.

  9. I like Aiden’s he rhymed and used similes. like pet, jet, chair, fair, flip, and hip. I liked everyone else’s too but Aiden’s was very good using rhyming words.

  10. I think Tatum’s poem was awesome because i love doggies and she had awesome similes and figurative language she spelled everything correct so i wanted to just tell you you did a great job.

  11. I really liked Eva’s poem about the eagle.She used great similes in her poem.My favorite was when she said the feathers were like the clouds.

  12. I love all of the poems good job Mrs. Hamman’s class good job everyone.

  13. Wow I like all of them! They are all so cool and intresting!

  14. The dog one was cool and It had a lots of similes

  15. I liked Eva’s poetry because she used good figurative language.

  16. I like the one with the dog because that person used a great simile such as “he was as a ball.” Great poem!

  17. Mrs. Hamman your class created some very awesome and interesting poems. They were well written and had great figurative language! Please come to our website and comment on some of our 4th graders figurative language poems.

  18. It was hard. You had to think about your traits and what about to write about.

  19. This is cool. I like these poems! They’re very nice. I also like the pictures. They are cute!

  20. I really like poetry. My favorite poem was the eagle one because it had a lot of details.I have like 20 poetry books at home.I also read a lot of poetry at school too! Do you read a lot of poetry?

    • Dear Mikey,

      It’s really cool that you like poetry. Also I don’t really read a lot of poetry but most of the time I make songs. Do you listen to music like jazz,pop,or classical? And do you ever write poetry in class?

      Thank you for the comment!

  21. Hi everyone,

    We have done work on similes as well. We really liked the poems because they make us understand the animals and they are very descriptive.

    The tiny, red deer baby was as spotty as a cheeter.
    It’s as wobbly as a bowl of jelly
    as it stands for the first time.

    We hope ypu like it

    • We loved the similes in your poem! Have you ever seen a baby deer? None of us have, but we could picture it from your description.

      Thank you for your comment!

  22. I love the Eagle poem Eva because i love Eagles and the way they glide.I have two dogs but they are big.I saw a bull at a bunch of fairs.

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  24. these poem really nice

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