Global Cardboard Challenge


Tomorrow kids all over the world are participating in a Global Cardboard Challenge. This challenge started as a result of a video about a boy named Caine in Los Angeles who made his own arcade out of cardboard (click here to watch the original “Caine’s Arcade” video). We were inspired by the story of Caine and were impressed by his creativity and imagination. We thought it would be fun to make our own creations, using a stash of old cardboard boxes and recycled materials. This is what we made:

At the end of the day we opened our own arcade and invited our friends in Mrs. Moore’s class to play our games!

We felt proud of our creations. We especially felt good about the fact that we reused materials that were going to be thrown away.

Have you ever made your own game?


  1. Hi my class also did the cardboard challenge. I made a basketball hoop. you guys made some cool cardboard creations. Here is a link to my blog
    You can go there to see my blog I made about the Global cardboard creation.

  2. Dear Mrs. Hamman’s class,
    Hi I’m Sierra. I like all your designs and games. We did things like this too. You can look at my blog at Keep up the good work!
    – Sierra

  3. Dear third graders,
    Very nice work. you did a very good job on this. I also did cardboard creations. Click on address below to see my creations.

  4. Dear Mrs.Hamman’s class,

    You have pretty cool games. Very creative games like The Drop. Your video was very cool. We did the Global Cardboard Challenge too. I did a football field. And you can see it by this link.

    From Kennedy

  5. Dear Mrs. Hamman and class,
    Nice video we also made a project of card board creation to and I made a bulldozer and hand bumper cars for our small class of seven you can see our blogs at this website.

  6. Dear Mrs. Hamman’s Class,
    That was really cool. That you guys were only 3rd graders and you made those. I thought they were good.

    I wrote a blog post about my experience.


  7. Mrs. Hammans 3rd grade class,
    I’m impressed with your creations. Looks like you had fun making them.

    I wrote this post.


  8. Thank you to David, Jordan, Mason, Kennedy, John, Sierra and MaKenna for your comments! We can’t wait to visit your blogs and see what your class made!

  9. Dear Mrs. Hamman and third graders,

    Thank you so much for visiting my 7th graders’ new blogs and leaving good questions for them. They are just learning to blog, and you have helped them.

    Now, in answer to your question, since I am quite old, I have years of experience making my own games. 🙂 The best ones were when I was your age, so I always like to remember what it was like to be a child. I even taught a class one summer called “Rubbish Re-creations”, where we made toys and games out of all kinds of trash and recyclables, including cardboard.

    Here’s an online game I made. It’s a photo guessing game on Flickr. Here is the first picture: Then you keep clicking on the next one for the answers.

    Mrs. Krebs

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  12. Dear Mrs. Hamman’s class,
    This is the first time I’ve read of the cardboard challenge and I love it. Thank you for sharing it. I loved the way you made your own games and shared them with the others in the school.

  13. I was so happy when we made the cardbord project.

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