Third Grade Photojournalists


Yesterday in class we read a magazine article about a wildlife photographer. We decided to practice our photography and writing skills and write our own article about nature. This morning we took a walk on Traynor’s Trail, a trail through the desert outside of our school. Mrs. Salmon guided all four of our third grade classes on our walk, and she taught us about the things we saw along the way. Students took pictures as we walked. When we got back to class, we chose four favorite pictures, and our reading groups got together to write captions for them. Here were our favorites and our captions.

The saguaro cactus can have up to a dozen arm-like branches. Insects, birds and bats get nectar from saguaro blossoms.

Greasewood is a thorny bush that grows in desert valleys. When it rains, it makes the desert smell beautiful.

Palo verde is Arizona’s state tree and its name means “green stick” in Spanish. There is mistletoe growing on this tree. Mistletoe is a parasite which sucks the nutrients out of trees and kills them.

The Superstition Mountains are near our school. There is a legend about a lost gold mine, called the Lost Dutchman’s Mine, that is supposed to be in these mountains.

Here is a video showing all of our pictures.

What kinds of things do you see around your school?


  1. Thank you for sharing. We are so fortunate to attend school in such a beautiful environment, inside and outside!

  2. I like your pictures is that atrip and eany way what is tempriture

  3. Your school looks amazing we would love to live there .
    Do you have any school pets ? we both love your art work and think its amazing.When do you start school and finish school?
    from Grace and India

  4. hi its mya and wiktoria again is that piture of a school trip any way we love it bye.

  5. What sports do you do school?
    do you play football?have you been on a good school trip in America?
    from Sam and Isabel
    at Norbridge.

  6. Hello our names are Alea and Courtney. What kind of sports do you play?Do you have a big playground? Do you play football? Do you play guitars? Do you do art at your school? Do you have chickens?

  7. Thank you for inviting me along on your hike down Traynor’s Trail. The weather was perfect and I enjoyed spending time with some of my favorite people. I hope everyone learned a little about our surroundings and will want to go explore some other beautiful places nearby! If you need any suggestions on where to start, just ask me. I love our AZ desert!

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