The Oreo Project


This year our class is participating in the O.R.E.O. Project! For this project, we started by making estimates about how many Oreo cookies we could stack on top of one another. Because we have been developing our estimating skills all year, most of us made very realistic estimates! Then we each got two attempts to stack the cookies as high as we could. We had a great time as we used our problem solving skills to figure out the best stacking technique. The hardest part was that once you place a cookie, you are not allowed to adjust it. Our highest stack of the day was 25 cookies tall!

We are working on graphing our results, then we’ll average them and enter our average on the results page. We are eager to see how our average compares to other classrooms around the world! On Thursday we’ll be Skyping with Mrs. Schmidt’s class in Pennsylvania to compare our data with theirs.

Did you know that the Oreo cookie is having its 100th birthday this year? Our state is also celebrating its 100th birthday! We made a video of our stacking and tried to make it look like the kind of movies people watched in 1912. Do you think it looks like an old-fashioned movie?

After we finished our stacking, we wondered about a few things:

  • If we were stacking Double Stuff Oreos, how high would our stacks be?
  • Would our results be different if we were allowed to place more than one cookie at a time on the stack?
  • What other foods could we stack?



  1. I love the oreo video.

  2. i stacked 23 oreos if you did it how many do you think you could stack?

  3. I like Oreo stacking.For the first question I think it is going to be big and hard.Probably.Crackers.

  4. Wow Oreos are old.

  5. I had 22 Oreos.

  6. I think there would be more

  7. I wish I could eat some Oreos.

  8. It was so fun because I stacked 16 oreo’s and yes I have done double it is harder to do the double stuffed Oreo’s.

  9. I like Oreos.I can’t wait to try the Halloween Oreos!

  10. Guess how much oreos I got I got 19. It is going to be big. Yes. You could stack crackers.

  11. Next we should stack marshmellows.

  12. WOW! That was so cool and I like that Mrs. Hamman put it in black and white. Also yes it really looks like an old fashion film.

  13. Mrs.Hamman how much do you spend in school?

  14. Next we should stack cookies.

  15. Next we should stack rocks.

  16. It was fun to do it.

  17. Looks like you had fun stacking too! It was great talking to you and learning about your school and Arizona. We noticed that you had mushroom chairs in your classroom like we do. We like to sit in them during silent reading time. Maybe we can talk to you again some time on Skype!
    Mrs. Schmidt’s Class
    Yardley, PA

  18. Mrs. Hamman’s class,

    We liked how you made your class video. The music made it exciting. it was creative and is a masterpiece!
    We were wondering what your lowest stack was? We are asking because we are curious to know what happened to make it fall.
    We are also wondering because we know your highest stack, so finding out your lowest will tell us what the range was. Do you know what your mode was? We learned that the mode is the number we got the most.
    Have a nice weekend!

    Ms. Myers’ class

  19. Dear Mrs. Hamman’s class,

    We liked your video because it looked like a real old-fashioned movie! We pondered the questions that you asked and we think you would put less cookies on the stack, since they are double stuffed, but the stack would be taller!
    We came up with a ton of ideas for what other foods we could stack but our favorite was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!
    If you were to stack Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (the mini size) how many do you think you could stack?

    Mrs. Avery’s 3rd grade class

  20. Awsome Oreo project you guys

  21. Hi its mya and wiktoria we love your pitures.Do you have eny school pets

  22. what are you doing

  23. Hi it look’s tricky to do a tall oreo tower.Did you eat them in the end?They look very yummy!Do you do pe?Reece and jace from england Norbridge academy

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  25. Wow, 25 Oreos! The funny thing is we did this project too. It was very fun! Our highest stack was 31.

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