Green Screen Experiment-2012


In our classroom we have one wall covered with a fabric green screen:

Do you know why we have a green screen? We want to make a lot of movies in our classroom this year, and we might want to use special effects in some of them. If you film in front of a green screen you can superimpose the video onto another picture or video to make special effects. Last week we took some sample video to test our green screen for the first time this year.

Some students in our class acted out different emotions, and we edited the video to put some nature shots behind it. All of the background video came from

The lighting and position of the camera is very important when you make a green screen video. We can tell that we need to make some adjustments on our next project, because some of our actors were invisible or cut out of the picture!

Check out our experiment:

Green Screen Experiment 2012 from S Hamman on Vimeo.

What do you think we should do for our first real green screen project?


  1. I think we should do a video of butterflies sense we are learning about them.

  2. It should be Crash Bandicoot.

  3. Like we can talk about the desert .

  4. The next green screen video should be about the third graders all doing a play for the Internet!

  5. A prince and a princess for the greenscreen video.

  6. I like to do green screen vido.

  7. I think we should do for are next video we should do standing on the top of the world floding in space.

  8. I think you should do amazed!

  9. I waunt to do a achin movie with all uv us in it poise. Ps ura good teacher

  10. A talking video!

  11. It so cool to be on this blog.if we can be in the snow in the middle of no we’re and no food and shelter?

  12. Many it should be us racing the monarck butterflies to mexico.

  13. I think it should be flying with the butterfly’s!

  14. Your blog rocks like a band. We could do a movie that we would be in Antarctica.

  15. We all fall off the grand canyon!

  16. The next Video about the forest!

  17. We could do a movie about a lion king movie.

  18. We should do grease ,and I can be frenchy!

  19. And snow on the green screen video!

  20. Your experiment is so cool that I’m going to do rootbear today and maybe Pepsi. Mrs.Hamman is cool!!! And I might need sum money. I might do a water experiment. Anthony is doing a Pepsi experiment.

  21. This is such a great idea for the third graders! I think a fun video idea would be seeing the students in different countries and learning about their culture. Keep up the great work!

  22. Dear Mrs. Hamman’s class,

    We think you did really well on the green screen experiment. We think it was cool.

    We think you should study dinosaurs and then make a green screen movie in prehistoric time. You could also study about volcanoes and put them in the prehistoric time setting.

    What kind of camera did you use for this experiment?

    Your friends,

    Mrs. Avery’s 3rd grade class

  23. Wow, that looked very interesting.
    Was it fun?
    It looked like alot of fun!
    I wish our class could do that too.

    Erin room12 at Hamilton East School, NZ

  24. Hi I like your video. It cool how you have a green screm it like photo booth my favorite green screm video was the 1st one you showed.
    from james
    at Hamlton east school .

  25. Wow that was cool,it was funny too.In my class we are doing something like that but just a picture. I like the one with the waterfall and the rainbow.

    From Krystie Room12

  26. Wow your green screens look fantastic! I would love to try a green screen. I loved all of your green screens. I loved all of them because they were all in different and fantastic places.

    By Xenon

  27. What an awesome green screen!! It looks so real when you run in the places.
    What was it like being in a green screen?
    From Afifah

  28. It would be so cool if our class had a green screen it would be like being on top of the world we could go any were.

  29. Wow that was an awsome green screen. It looks so real with the backgrounds .

    What did you like best about the green screen?

    From Saalihah

  30. Your video was funny. I like your backgound of your video. I like it when you made funny moves like when you did your ranning.

  31. That is a great idea. In my classroom we are doing something a little similar but not with a green screen and we are not doing a picture. We use a still picture to make our blue screen.

    From Ariana

  32. What do you do at school?We have been leaning about french at school have you been leaning french.What coulor uiform do you have.We have bue norbridge jumpers and we have the badge on it to.

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