It’s Iditarod time!


UPDATE: Our musher, Ramey Smyth, came in third place! The first place musher was Dallas Seavey. He is the youngest winner in the history of the race! Congratulations to all the participants. We had a great time following you this year. 

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The 2012 Iditarod Sled Dog Race started on Sunday. This is the 40th annual running of the race. The race starts in Anchorage and ends in Nome, a distance of about 1,049 miles. It’s a real endurance test for both the musher and his or her team of dogs.

Anchorage is over 2,500 miles away from our school in Arizona, but our fifth grade classes still follow to learn about the Iditarod race every year. We’ve read a series of stories in our reading book about the Iditarod and its history, and we enjoy researching and learning more about the exciting world of sled dog racing. We always like reading about places that are cold, especially as it starts to get really hot here!

This year we are participating in the eIditarod, a project where we track the progress of a musher and leave virtual messages for him at various race checkpoints. “Our” musher is Ramey Smyth. We researched all the musher profiles on the Iditarod site and then voted on the one we wanted to follow. We liked Ramey because his profile says he is “running under the banner of abstinence from drinking, smoking, and drugs”, and that goes along with the things we learned in DARE. We look forward to following his progress along the trail. Good luck, Ramey!

Students traced a map of the race trail onto butcher paper.

This is the finished trail map.

This is our eIditarod bulletin board, where we will be tracking Ramey's progress along the trail.


 Do you know anything about the Iditarod?



  1. We are participating in the eIditarod as well. My third grade class is following Wade Marrs. My students liked that he was one of the younger mushers.

    Have fun following the Iditarod!

    • Thanks for your comment, Mr. Wright! Wade Marrs was one of the mushers we considered following, too. We’re excited to see who wins!

  2. That looks very cool I hope no one got hit was it fun? was. There alot of trees what I liked about it was the dogs were my frist dog. saw with my dad but that is a very very good post.

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