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Mrs. Watanabe tagged us in a meme that originally started on the Langwitches blog. A group of students in our class accepted the challenge to evaluate our commenting skills.

These are the commenting guidelines we agreed to follow on our blog. As the year has gone on, we have developed a 3-point checklist for all of our comments. We are supposed to ask ourselves these three things before we hit “submit” on a comment:

1. Is it positive?

2. Does it add to the conversation?

3. Did I proofread it?

We decided to look at some of our older comments to evaluate them using this checklist. Robby agreed to let us show one of his older comments as an example. Here is his original comment:

When we evaluated this comment using our checklist, we decided that it definitely was a positive comment, since he talked about what he enjoyed about the post and the experience he had. We also agreed that it added to the conversation, because he asked a question that needed a response. Robby caught a few typos when he reread his comment; he thought he could have done more proofreading. Overall, though, we thought it was an excellent comment. Here are Robby’s notes on his evaluation.


It’s a great idea to look back on some of our past comments, as well as our new ones. It’s so important to think about and evaluate everything we write on the internet.

We have a few new student bloggers in our class, with more to come soon. I would like to challenge them to think about our checklist and evaluate all of their posts before they publish them. Our goal is to be quality bloggers who are great examples to others!

Have you ever looked back at some of your earlier blog comments?

Do you think there are things you could do to improve as a blogger or a commenter?



  1. Dear Mrs. Hamman, Robby, and class,

    Fabulous post! I appreciate the three simple questions to ask yourselves before hitting submit. Those are such important questions, and if you answer yes on all three, then your comment will add to the conversation or to the learning.

    I also appreciate taking real examples to reflect on to think about the quality, integrity, and your growth. It’s been a joy to watch the bloggers in your class improve and grow. Thank you for having these discussions and reflections. It helps all of us think about the quality and integrity attached our digital footprints.

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  2. Mrs Hamman,

    I have.
    Maybe I could proof read it like you said to do.


  3. Dear Mrs.Hamman,

    I think that it was a great idea for the 3 thing you need to do when you post comments. When you told us this I learned when you post a comment on blogs or anything you should look and reread the comment.

    Your Friend,


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