Read Across Arizona


By Marijane

Our class just participated in Read Across Arizona. We were partners with a fifth grade class in Queen Creek, Arizona.

Our project this year was about Cinderella stories from around the world. We read the Cinderella stories to show the cultures and differences between the stories. We made a video and showed it to the other class in our video conference.

After our video the class in Queen Creek did a game show. They were practicing for Battle of the Books. They had judges. They asked questions to their classmates. They did a great job!

Here is our video about the Cinderella stories.

Cinderella Stories From Around the World from Mrs Hamman on Vimeo.

Did you know there were different versions of the Cinderella story?


  1. Marijane,

    Good post. Did you remember what books they had? Did you even want to read The Egyptian Cinderella? I thought it was interesting.


  2. Hi Clarissa,

    Thanks for your interest in solar ovens and for visiting “It Strikes Me Funny” by G.Harrison. Solar ovens do work well in Arizona, not so much in Canada where I live.

    However, I have learned they can be made cheaply, or for nothing, and last for a long time. Also, if you put a solar oven on a table, place it also upon a “Lazy Susan”, so you can turn it to face the sun easily.

    I wish you and your class well,

    G. Harrison (retired teacher)

    • Mr. Harrison,

      Thanks for commenting on my teacher’s blog. I have my own photographer blog. It is My class found that Arizona is a good place because we barely get any clouds, rain, and snow.

      They are actually can be made without buying things. All you need is spare parts lying around. My teacher got a few supplies free because they were lying around. It doesn’t need to be turned if you don’t have too. Like when we did it they didn’t need to be moved at all.

      Thank You For Visiting My Class Blog,

  3. Hi, Mrs.Hammon I really like the books you have been reading to us the most of all is Zorgamazoo.The best part about that book is the part where they get eaten by the monsters. I also like the post on our D.A.R.E. when we went to Skateland.

  4. I think that it was cool that you wrote about the read across Arizona.

  5. Marijane i liked your post.Which book did you read?

  6. Hello, we really liked your video, everyone spoke very clearly.

    We think this is a great idea to work with other schools on the same topic and share thoughts and ideas.

    Have you read Cinderella’s Bum by Nicholas Allen? It is very funny!

  7. I Love your blog it is so good i wish i was in your class

    • This looks like a comment from a former student! Thanks so much for reading our blog. Does it remind you of some of the things we did in fifth grade? Keep coming back to visit!
      Mrs. Hamman

  8. I like books and dare is a good it is a fun .

    • Thank you for your comment! Are you still doing DARE at the junior high? DARE is one of the best things about our fifth grade year.
      Mrs. Hamman

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