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We have some exciting events coming up, so we might be posting more than once this week!

Today we went on a virtual field trip all the way to Denver, Colorado. We had a video conference with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We participated in the Virtual Heart presentation and learned all about the anatomy of the heart and how the circulatory system works.

This is the Virtual Heart Journal where we recorded our findings.

We learned how to take our pulse and we recorded our resting heart rate.

We predicted what our heart rate would be after a minute of running in place, then we checked to see if our predictions were accurate. Our hearts beat much faster after exercise!

The highlight of the conference was when we got to watch an actual sheep heart dissection. It made it easier to understand how a heart works when we could actually see inside of one!

We learned a lot about the heart today. Thank you to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for giving us the opportunity!

Here is a challenge question for our blog readers:

One side of your heart is thicker than the other. Which side is thicker, and why?


  1. Mrs.Hamman I think that the heart dissection was a good thing to pit on your blog and I also want to know if you think the heart dissection was cool.

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