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This photo was taken by Mrs. Hamman and edited using an iPhone app called WordFoto

In social studies we have been studying the history and geography of the United States. This year we have been learning about other states from the students who live there! We’ve been doing an activity called Mystery State. We Skype call a class in another state, and ask them questions about their state. Then they ask us questions about our state. We try not to make our clues too obvious, because we don’t want them to guess our state too quickly. At the end of the call, we each guess the other’s state.

We were introduced to Mystery State by Mr. Haney’s class, and now we Skype whenever we get the chance! Here is a Google Map with the states we have “visited” so far marked. We’d love to talk to a class in each of the fifty states before the end of the year.


Which states have you visited?

Which states would you like to learn more about?


  1. I love what you are doing and I want to try it in my classroom. How is it working out for you? How difficult has it been to set up? I would love to have your students Skype with my 4th grade class to get us going on this project. Send me an email if you want to set something up. Thanks!

    • Hi Mrs. Geldes! Thank you for your comment. We’d love to Skype with you! I’m sending you an email right now. (I deleted your state name from your comment so my students wouldn’t know where you’re from!)


      Mrs. Hamman

  2. I have visited Michigan, Tennessee and Texas. I would like to learn more about China. If you have any information about China please let me know! (:

  3. Love the way you present this project. Would love to do this with my 3rd or 4th grade technology class. I see you haven’t yet skyped with the great _________ State. Hope it isn’t too late in the school year.

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  5. I like how you made a picture of a class room out of words because it has big words and small words of different colors. Maybe I could do it to? We made a word paster before.

  6. We would love to mystery Skype with you.

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