Exploring the American Revolution


In fifth grade, we study the geography and history of the United States in social studies. We’ve been learning about life in the colonies just before the American Revolution. We found a great way to experience what life was life back then through Mission US, an interactive, multimedia adventure.

Mrs. Hamman taught us some background information to explain the first mission of the game, which was called “For Crown or Colony?” After that we all got on our netbooks to explore the game. In the simulation, you play the part of Nathaniel Wheeler, a printer’s apprentice in Boston in 1770. Through the tasks Nathaniel has to perform, you get to meet real people who lived in Boston. You learn about the Loyalists and the Patriots and get to make decisions about who to trust and which side to support. The game introduced us to many primary sources, or actual documents and objects that were created during the time period. We’ve learned that when studying history looking for primary sources is important, so that you know the information you get is reliable.

We recorded our comments after playing the game:

Next week we’ll be video conferencing with a museum in Stony Brook, New York, to learn even more about the American Revolution!

Why do you think we should study history?

What historical periods would you like to study?


  1. Dear Mrs. Hamman’s class,
    It sounds like you had a fabulous time learning about the American Revolution! I am going to go play the game now. I’d love to come by your class and see you all in action!
    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

    • Mrs. Watanabe,

      I am in Mrs. Hamman’s class. It’s an awesome game. If you could come by that will be amazing. Have a good time playing!


  2. I am glad you are taking time to reflect about your learning. Thank you for sharing what you liked about playing this game and what you learned about the American Revolution!
    Proud of you,
    Mrs. Farris

    • Mrs. Farris,

      Thank you for your kind words. It was an amazing time on it. Hopefully we could teach it to the rest of the school.


  3. Realy like the game mission us.Already played the game it was realy cool.You got to take a role in the revolunary war.Mabye you could show me if there is another type of mission us.Like the blog still but it might need some pics of the classroom and some of the kids.

  4. What amazing videos on mission-us.If I haven’t played it yet I would play it immediately on the computer.

  5. Mrs. Hamman,

    I realy like the game Mission Us. Already played the game it was realy cool. It feels like I am taking the role of being apart in the Revolutionary War.


  6. Mrs.Hamman I like your blog. Its cool! I wonder how many people are going to right to you? Eriko

    • Dear Eriko,

      Thank you for your comment, Eriko. We already have lot’s of comments. And we hope to have more.

      Thank you,

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  8. I learned in Mission US that the liberty tree was where the Sons of Liberty gathered for meetings.

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