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My Arizona Tanka


Akarsh Simha via Compfight Tanka is a short Japanese verse that contains five lines. Line 1 contains 5 syllables; line 2 contains 7 syllables; line 3 contains 5 syllables; lines 4 and 5 both contain 7 syllables. These are some amazing Tanka poems written by 4th graders. Which one is your favorite? Do you think you can […]

What are Opinions…


What is an Opinion? How can details help support your opinion? As a writer it is important that we use strategies and tools to help us organize our writing. As we begin to write an opinionated piece of writing we need to be able to do the following: a. Introduce a topic or text clearly, […]

Color Guard…What does it mean?


Photo Credit: qthomasbower via Compfight Color Guard…What does it mean?  

Vertebrates Vs. Invertebrates


  Paraphrasing information and recalling relevant information from experiences and or from print or digital sources is another way to express your findings and or recording your thoughts and organizing your ideas. Please share your information of what you have discovered in science today with vertebrates and invertebrates.        

Sharing a Book


Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight Share your favorite book!    

What have you discovered in Science this week?



The World According to Humphrey


You can learn a lot about a life by observing species. That’s what Humphrey was told when he was brought to room 26. What do you think that statement means? Please collaborate about what your point of view is and share with one another. Remember to be engaging in your conversations and to pose validating […]



Similes and Metaphors are ways an author wants to express their writing. Many times you may hear or read similes and metaphors. It is your time to shine! You will have the opportunity to  incoporate your own by writing a song or creating a poem using figurative language.  

Working with Math


Lattice and Break Apart from S Hamman on Vimeo.

Cause and Effect Slide Presentations


Slide 1   Slide 2   Slide 3

Our Simile Poems


“Monster From The Savanna” Rhino’s skin is as rough as a rock. Their brains are small as a peanut. They can run fast like a cheetah. Rhinos weigh about 3,500 pounds that’s about how much a fire truck weighs. Rhinos roll in the mud like pigs.Their as fat as a cow. Rhinos’ tusks are like […]

Giving Thanks!


The Fourth Grade would like to give thanks this month. Giving thanks is something we look forward to. So as we share our Giving Thanks Video we would like for you to take the time to think about those who have inspired you or have impacted your life by taking the time to express and let […]

Summarizing Our Nights of the Pufflings


Summarizing is an important skill as we read different types of genres in our every day reading. It helps build our knowledge of what is occurring in our types of stories and lets us keep track of the narrative elements when we write. Please reflect what you have read by clicking on the summarizing link. […]

Our Class Poems on Puffins


“The Birds Of The Sea” The puffin is as smooth as silk.The puffin is as loud as an angry dog barking.The puffin is as funny as a clown. The tip of a puffin’s nose is as orange as a pumpkin. The puffin is as soft as my furry winter blanket. A puffin’s belly is as […]

Our Dream Speeches


I Have a Dream….. Why do people laugh at someone who is different? Everyday I see a person being laughed at and I hate to see people suffer. My dream is to stop people from being laughed at. I was one of those people who had to hide at school because I was being made […]

How Do You Become an American Citizen?


How do you become an American Citizen? Is this an easy process? You’re story this week informs you about many families becoming an American Citizen. You will research more about this on your own. Once you have gathered some information you will post it on Linoit the process of becoming an American Citizen. A Very […]

Look to the North


You will do each activity on this link. Remember to follow your rubric that I gave you. Have fun with this project! Look to the North: A Wolf Pup Diary Vocabulary Activity 1 Linoit Activity 4 Class Discussion

Cricket in Time Square


Our story is about meeting and building friendships with each other. What I would like you to do is to post your thoughts and opinions on linoit for each chapter you read. I would also like for you to go on to our other page and collaborate with each other about your conclusions of each chapter. […]

How to Babysit an Orangutan


Why do you think this title How to Babysit an Orangutan was chosen by the author?   Why is it important to rescue the baby orangutans and return them back to the rain forest? What was interesting that you discovered when reading this cool non-fiction book?   Please make sure to answer these three questions […]

Figurative Language


My Prezi What is Figurative Language? Figurative Language is a tool that many authors use in their writing. It is a way to express something different from the exact meaning of the individual words. The most that is used often and is recognized by readers are the following: Similes- two things that are compared with […]

October Project is here!


We need the water!  You will be reading “Nights of the Pufflings”, by Bruce McMillan. We will be participating in some amazing projects. Take a look at the following websites so that you can look ahead as to what you will be exploring with.  Bruce McMillan’s Website  Plans and Activites Videos Read Aloud Puffin Cam Poetry about Puffins Facts about […]

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