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Our Simile Poems


“Monster From The Savanna”

Rhino’s skin is as rough as a rock. Their brains are small as a peanut. They can run fast like a cheetah. Rhinos weigh about 3,500 pounds that’s about how much a fire truck weighs. Rhinos roll in the mud like pigs.Their as fat as a cow. Rhinos’ tusks are like our fingernails because they are made out of the same material. They attack like a bull Because they are protectors.

Thanks for reading my similes.

By Zac

My Puffins’ Similes

Puffins are as soft as a pillow. They are as loud as a horn. They really look like clowns. Puffins are as colorful as a rainbow. Puffins are probably not as heavy as a truck. Puffin chicks are as gray as the sky when it rains. They are as black as the night sky. They fly in the air like airplane. When they’re hungry they look for food like a lion.They swim like a fish. They search like a scout. They are like a cat when they eat their food. Their heads are as round as an M&M.

By Adrien

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