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Cricket in Time Square


Our story is about meeting and building friendships with each other. What I would like you to do is to post your thoughts and opinions on linoit for each chapter you read. I would also like for you to go on to our other page and collaborate with each other about your conclusions of each chapter. It is important that we have these discussions as we move forward in our literature studies.

Chapter 1: Tucker

Chapter 2: Mario

Chapter 3: Chester

Chapter 4: Harry Cat

Chapter 5: Sunday Morning

Chapter 6: Sai Fong

Chapter 7: The Cricket Cage

Chapter 8: Tucker’s Life Savings

Chapter 9: The Chinese Dinner

Chapter 10: The Dinner Party

Chapter 11: The Jinx

Chapter 12: Mr. Smedley

Chapter 13: Fame

Chapter 14: Orpheus

Chapter 15: Grand Central Station

Please click on this link to listen to the Podcast for each chapter.

Podcast for Cricket in Times Square Ch. 1-15

The Cricket in Times Square

Where is Time Square? Do you know? Click on this link for a virtal tour to Times Square.

Times Square





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“Cricket in Time Square”

  1. December 16th, 2012 at 5:22 pm      Reply Mrs. Hamman Says:

    Hi Mrs. Renzulli’s class! Our class was looking at your blog on Friday and we noticed the cool way that you were talking about the book you are reading. We didn’t want to look at all your comments because we know we might be reading the same book next year when we’re in fourth grade, but we liked how you used Linoit! That gives us a great idea for our next literature study!

    We are looking for a new book to read aloud in January. We are thinking we might want to read a nonfiction book. Do you have any suggestions for us?

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