Fun Links!

I have been working on integrating technology into everyday life here at school. The kids think they are playing games, when they’re really learning!

BrainPOP Jr.
BrainPOP Jr. is a fun website with short educational videos, games, and activities! They have so many different topics to choose from that the students will love! You do need to subscribe in order to view some of the videos and games, but there is a variety of free options too!

Education City
Education City is a website that I’ve found the kids LOVE! We haven’t used it yet, but once the students get trained on it, they are able to log in and play all of the games that relate to what we are learning in both reading and math. I love that it is personalized to our class because I pick the games that relate to the standards that we are currently learning.

Starfall is great for practicing phonics and word families. It is very interactive and doesn’t require a login. The kids are able to navigate the website pretty easily.

The First Week Of School

Wow! I can’t believe the first week of school has already come and gone!  I was so excited to start getting to know all of my new students, and I have come to find that I have 23 smart, energetic, goofy students!  This will be a great year full of learning and laughter!


Here is a recap of some things we learned during the first week of school:

– Classroom rules and procedures: We are still getting acquainted with how the classroom works, but I see progress every day! The kiddos are doing an awesome job!

– Patterns:  We talked about AB patterns.  Here is an example:                                                                               *snap* *clap* *snap* *clap*

– Sounding out words:  I gave the students short words (like cat), and together, we figured out the beginning, middle, and end sounds in a word.

-Buses: Loading the buses at the end of the day has been crazy!  We (as a school) are working on coming up with the perfect plan for getting the kids loaded and sent home as quickly as possible! Thank you for being patient with us!

-Bobcat Lock Down: On Thursday morning, a bobcat strolled onto campus which sent the school into a lock down.  We got the bobcat off campus, and everything went back to business as usual!  This was excellent practice for the kids, and I was so happy see everyone following directions and making safe choices! Way to go kiddos!

Some Quick Housekeeping Notes

I was so excited to see so many students turn in their homework folders this week! We were only missing TWO! Let’s try for 100% turn in next week!

-On the back of the reading log is a reading fluency sheet. Please make sure your child is practicing this every night.

-I have found that the students are getting a little hungry during the mornings.  I am thinking about starting a snack schedule.  I will be sending home a snack donation sign up sheet sometime this week.  If you are willing/able to donate snacks, that would be greatly appreciated, but please do not feel obligated to donate if it will be a struggle!

Meet Miss Connell

I am so excited to be starting my second year teaching First Grade!  I graduated from the University of Arizona. GO WILDCATS!  I have a degree in Elementary Education with an endorsement in English as a Second Language.  

Five Fun Facts

1. I have a puppy named Dex, who is all kinds of trouble!  

2. My favorite food is pizza, and I am so addicted to Starbucks!


3. I am half Japanese. Japanese was my first language, and my struggle with learning English was what motivated me to become a teacher.

4. I used to be a ballerina.  I started dancing when I was in first grade.

5. I love to spend my free time snuggling up on the couch reading a good book!


My first grade goal is to instill a love of reading in all my students.  We will be exploring books in various topics, and I encourage you to delve into a good book with your child as often as possible.  I love to hear about all of the exciting adventures a good book takes them on!


Hello world!

Hi everyone! Miss Connell’s class here!  We are so excited to have started a blog.  We can’t wait to show our friends and families all the fun things we are learning here in first grade.  Keep an eye out for updates!